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Promotions WON’T “Find” You – You Have To Go Get ‘Em!

You have to POSITION yourself for opportunity. If Cinderella had never gone to the ball, would Prince Charming have ever scoured the country looking for her? Um...NO! But, YOU don't need a fairy godmother!

How are you this morning? Let’s start the day by taking a look around and thinking about where you are. Are you working in the job or career you want? Do you make the paycheck of your dreams?

In today’s world, you’ll find a lot of people who are unhappy with their job, boss or current career situation. Do you ever hear them complaining and spitting negativity all over the place? Is that person you?

Here’s what frequently happens: you manage to get a new job, whether it is your dream job or you just grabbed the most convenient thing because of the crazy unemployment rates, and you were excited to have any job. A job means income, and you’ve got mouths to feed and, hopefully, dreams to fulfill.

But then you start the job, and within six months you begin to dread Monday. You hate your boss. And whatever is wrong with your life would somehow be magically fixed if you just had a better job, at a better company, with a perfect boss and outstanding coworkers.

You already know where I’m going with this. Because, let’s be honest – even if you did get a new job, in all likelihood you would have exactly the same dang problems! And more than likely, the perfect opportunity will not just come “find” you. Perfect opportunity is not a knight in shining armor, waiting to storm the castle and save you.

You have to POSITION yourself for an opportunity. If Cinderella had never gone to the ball, would Prince Charming have ever scoured the countryside looking for her? Um… NO, he wouldn’t have even known she existed. But, the best part for you is, no fairy godmother required!

There’s no magic… it’s simple. If you want the bigger bonus check, if you’re tired of being passed up for promotions, or don’t understand why opportunity hasn’t slapped you in the face, yet… you need to start working on your skills! So here are a few tips to position yourself for that promotion:

  1. Ditch the negativity. If your friends and family know you don’t like your job, chances are most people know. Even your boss can tell, which could have a huge effect on your paycheck, promotions and future referrals. While you’re busy bad-mouthing your coworkers or boss as some evil witch (or another word), you may have missed the fact you’re the dragon! And those new connections you might have built, got burned by negativity. Don’t talk negatively about your company or job. Breathe life into it, not death.
  2. Find someone who has what you want, and do what they do. Look at your coworkers who DO get promotions… what are they doing that you aren’t? Are they taking initiative on projects or are they being negative and surfing Facebook all day? Look at some of your habits and seriously evaluate whether they are helping or hurting you. Aside from negativity, you may discover some other bad habits you have. Many employers have listed their bad habit “pet peeves” as sarcasm, constant tardiness, antisocial behavior and mistaking a casual workplace as an excuse for unprofessional behavior, so watch yourself and stay far away from those habits!
  3. Prosper where you are planted. ALWAYS! Be faithful with what you are given in your current job and continue to invest in GROWTH. What extra skills or tools can you learn to help you grow? Would taking a class in social media or computer skills help increase your value at the company? Notice what your current workplace lacks and try to fill that need. I have seen this single skill get people 6-figure bonus checks. If you aren’t prospering where you’re planted, your opportunities to grow or be promoted are slim-to-none. In your current job, if you aren’t expanding your network and increasing your skill sets – I can promise, your life will stay exactly the same.

And the thing is, you have opportunities to increase your skill sets every day on our website and social media. I hand-deliver skills sets to you, to help you increase your income and live the life of your dreams! Have you been applying strategies in your life?

We’re so glad to have you in this incredible community of like-minded people, all on their journey to success! Make sure to invite your friends and local community in, as well – start by sharing this message! And let me know how you are positioning yourself for growth below!

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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