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Put Your Excuses In Their Place!

Many people have a very powerful mindset – and I don’t mean in a good way! It's a powerful mindset of total limitation, fueled by excuses! Quit putting your excuses at the forefront of your mind!

Recently, I was reading this stack of questions given to me in preparation for one of our First Steps To Success training seminars. If you’ve ever registered for one of our live events, you might remember receiving a survey, asking you what kind of business or job you have, so I know who’s in the room. I like to customize First Steps To Success for everyone attending.

One of the survey questions asks, “If you had five minutes with Dani, what one question would you ask?” Interestingly, the first five questions I read displayed a very powerful mindset – and when I say a “powerful mindset,” I don’t mean in a good way! But, it’s a mindset I used to have… and maybe you did, too.

Let’s start with the first one: “I’m too chicken to _____…” and then stated the rest of their question. You see, how you think is how you speak. And as you speak, your physical body follows. So, if you have inside your mind the “I’m a chicken” belief, then, “I’m a chicken” will speak. And then, “I’m a chicken” acts like a chicken… and that chicken get nothing done!

Are you getting what I’m talking about here? Mind you, I’m not talking about a barnyard “bawk, bawk” chicken. In this case, she says, “I’m too chicken to call people and ask them to take a look at my product or service. How do I confidently pick up the phone and get this going?” The fact she says she’s a chicken, means forevermore she WILL BE the chicken!

Another question starts out, “As a minority, how do I get people to trust me and believe I’m there to help them reach their goals and find financial freedom?” As a minority, he believes – and has fixed in his mind – being a minority is a really bad thing. So, if you think being a minority is a bad thing, it IS a bad thing. Again, how you think is how you act! Therefore, you will not communicate properly, simply because you THINK you are bad.

Another one began with, “As a single mom I’m having a hard time with this, this and that.” She thinks being a single mother is a bad thing.

Quit putting your excuses at the forefront of your mind! You might be saying right now, “Come on, Dani! Saying I’m a single mom is not an excuse! It’s just my reality.” Yes, it is. But, I can tell you I know many other single moms who have not allowed their reality keep them from becoming successful.

In fact, there’s a single mom of three, I’ve worked with since 1997 and her story is shocking! She did not use her REALLY colorful past – and I mean COL-OR-FUL – as an excuse. It took her several First Steps To Success seminars and hundreds of hours listening to training audios, like “Unlimited Success” and our whole Spiritual Equipping library. She just poured it all into her mind and was diligent, working with excellence.

This woman used to work night shifts at Walmart, so she could be home during the day with her children. Today, she’s outrageously successful, making a crazy amount of money. She has a thriving multi-million-dollar business, where she actually provides jobs for other people!

She had spent some time in jail, was in an abusive relationship, and had done all kinds of things she was not proud of… but she did NOT let any of those issues keep her stuck in her circumstances! I am so proud of this single mother, who now provides an incredible, beautiful lifestyle for her children. She’s an upstanding, amazing woman today – an example for so many other people!

Do you see the pattern here? Each one of the people asking those questions had a very powerful mindset and that powerful mindset was total limitation, fueled by excuses! These questions all put their limits first. STOP reaching for the excuses first! Stop looking for ways to limit yourself or disqualify yourself! Stop looking for reasons it WON’T work!

Starting right this moment, there’s no more “I’m a minority and that’s why people won’t listen to me” or “I’m chicken and that’s why people won’t talk to me” or “I’m a single mom, so I just don’t have time”

It’s time to STEP UP! Don’t even think about those nonsense limits you’ve created for yourself. It’s time to rise up, step up and do something powerful with your life, so you will be the example for others sitting in a chicken pen, scared about being a minority, using single motherhood or shyness, as an excuse to stay stuck in a rut. Got it?!

Now, please leave me a comment below, letting me know your BIGGEST excuse… AND the action you’re taking TODAY to overcome that excuse!

And don’t forget to join me for The Dani Johnson Show today, when we share even more of my personally-selected tips and strategies to help you build a strong foundation for your success! You can stream today’s show right here on our website.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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