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Timeless Business Advice – From McDonald’s?! (Not As Crazy As You Think!)

Let's talk about McDonald' AMAZING business model. "Really, Dani! McDonald's – powerful business model?! Gimme a break!" Yes, REALLY! It's a worldwide multi-billion-dollar success, reliant on pimply teens!

Let’s talk about McDonald’s. Greasy, mass-produced burgers, mystery-meat beige nuggets and golden, salty fries, all so elegantly-served in a paper bag by pimple-faced teenagers. It is a powerful business model!

I know you’re saying, “Really? C’mon, Dani! You’re saying McDonald’s is a powerful business model?! Gimme a break!”

But, let me point out something about this fast-food chain you’ve probably never considered before. Whatever your business, you should be using McDonald’s as a prime example of growth and sustainability.

Think about it! It’s a worldwide, multi-billion-dollar enterprise, largely reliant on pimply teenagers! It’s built on the lowest-possible common denominator in the workforce, the least-expensive people, and the least-experienced. And yet, it’s a multi-billion-dollar, worldwide success!

How DO they do that? How have they been able to build their brand – without having the best-tasting, most nutritional products, without having the best people, without offering the best dining atmosphere, etc.? How did McDonald’s achieve their unstoppable level of success?

Consistency. The consumer knows exactly what to expect, whether they are in Nazareth or Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro or Dallas. The burger and fries taste exactly the same, no matter where on the globe you happen to be.

So many people search for the best product, the best company, the best compensation plan, the hottest trend, the right business. But McDonald’s doesn’t care about any of that! They’re all about consistency.

What does that show you? People love consistency! People love to get what they expect. People pay for consistency.

Consistency made McDonald’s so successful in the first place, because what is consistent can be duplicated. They have done the same thing, produced the same product and followed the same systems for 60 years! That is easy to duplicate!

A new employee comes in, learns the systems, and they’re ready to go! No one “reinvents the wheel” or tries to do things their own way. That CANNOT be duplicated! If you try to do things your own way, then everything depends on you – and not on a system.

If McDonald’s had allowed all of their employees to simply do things their own way 60 years ago, would McDonald’s be the multi-billion-dollar company it is today? No way!

So, look at your business today and ask yourself, “Could a pimply teenager do this? Could they follow my systems?” If the answer is no, then it may be time to reevaluate your systems and make them simple and easy-to-follow. Systems like this, systems anyone can duplicate, will ALWAYS get you further than an operation exclusively dependent on you, your ideas, your knowledge or your experience.

The McDonald’s model inspired me 27 years ago. I love the consistency and simplicity of this system. It takes the guesswork out of business and actually applies to any kind of business. It’s something anyone can follow, whether they have a PhD or an 8th-grade education. That creates duplication, and that causes a business to grow.

So, what do you need to simplify today? Where can you become more consistent today? What systems or processes do you follow that need to become more easily duplicated? As you evaluate yourself and your business, let me know your findings and solutions below!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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