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Without THIS, Your Kids Will FAIL!

EVERY child is born with enthusiasm, persistence, adventure, resilience and faith – and ALL of these characteristics are REQUIRED for them to fulfill their destiny...and it's OUR job to nurture this!

We’re going to talk about VISION today. But, instead of talking about your own personal vision, normally our focus when we discuss this topic, let’s look at a different angle today. You see, we tend to neglect vision when it comes to equipping our children to succeed.

A lot of people hold an absolutely-detrimental belief to your success and the success of your children: “Don’t get your hopes up.”

Many parents, who say this to their children, really mean no harm. They simply try to protect their kids from disappointment. But, you’ve got to look at WHAT this belief produces!

Your child has a vision and purpose in life. They have a huge destiny! Every child is born with enthusiasm, persistence, adventure, resilience and faith – and all of these characteristics are necessary for them to fulfill their destiny.

When we tell children, “Don’t get your hopes up,” they lose their enthusiasm and faith. Their sense of adventure is diminished, and persistence and resilience fade. Over time, their vision becomes so small.

Why? Because they were afraid to get their hopes up… afraid to believe they could achieve anything! So that child “played it safe” and stuck to a vision that didn’t require stretching, growing or getting their hopes up.

When my kids were very young, I asked them, “What has God planted in your heart to do?” It’s so amazing not much has changed since then. The occupations may have changed a bit through the years, but the calling hasn’t.

As a parent, grandparent, teacher or friend, it’s important to look for a child’s natural strengths, talents and gifting, and then nurture them to stay focused on his or her goals.

Our youngest son, Micah, is a great example of this. We first discovered he had an insane artistic gifting when he was about a year old. Micah “painted” his bedroom with poop 23 times. I’m not kidding! He would wake up from a nap with poop in his diaper, and then paint the textured walls with it. I used to get so frustrated when he did this, until one day I realized WHY he did it. He is an artist! He expressed himself with his hands from a very early age.

When he was a little older, I asked him, “Son, what has been put in your heart to do?” Micah replied, “I want to be an artist.” I did not say, “Oh, honey, don’t get your hopes up”… “Haven’t you ever heard of starving artists?!”

Instead, I told him, “Mommy is going to equip you to be the best you can possibly be. While you’re in this house, my job is to train you to do what God has placed in your heart to do.”

When Micah was 5, we took him to an art gallery in San Francisco. He stopped and said, “Mom, I just can’t believe this. It’s so beautiful! Look at the colors. It makes me feel funny inside.” I said, “Micah, do you want to do this someday?” He said, “Yes! But Mommy, I’m not that good.”

Doubt had already entered his 5-year-old mind! I looked at him and said, “Micah, God has already put it in your hands to do this. You were created and designed with everything it takes to do this. All you have to do is seek God and work diligently, with the right attitude.”

He has now done that and today is a brilliant artist! He draws beautiful portraits and painted breathtaking murals on his bedroom walls (with real paint this time). He has written several books and he composes and plays the most beautiful music on the piano. This gift of art has been placed inside him and we do what we can to equip him to work inside that vision and purpose.

Artists can work in many innovative and productive positions – not a starving artist! He could be a graphic designer, architect, publisher, animator, illustrator, writer, musician, composer – and each of these careers earn great money! Micah could own a graphic design firm. The possibilities are endless! It all depends on how we help develop his gift.

My friend, I know you desire to see your children reach their full potential. I know you want to see them succeed beyond their wildest dreams. And this is a great way to put them on the right path.

Look for their natural talents, then help position and guide them in that direction. Remind them of their goals to keep them on track and encourage them to believe they can do it!

Share this message with every parent, family member, teacher, friend or babysitter you know today. Post this link on Facebook and Twitter, and let’s equip our next generation to succeed! Then, be sure to share your thoughts with me below!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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