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You May Not Be Where You WANT To Be…But You’re NOT Where You WERE!

If you’re someone who says, “Hey, I AM doing better but how do I get MORE!?” Today, just sit there a moment and recognize where you truly ARE: “Wow! Look how far I’ve come!”...then CELEBRATE it!

I read a comment, from one of our faithful clients, on Facebook and it was quite an interesting read. She asked, “Dani, since plugging-in to First Steps To Success and Creating A Dynasty, I’ve been able to double my income each year. However, how do I multiply that even more?”

I gotta tell you, I chuckled when I saw that and my knee-jerk reaction was, “Is there a problem here?! Since you’ve been plugging into this training, you have doubled your income each year… and now you want to know how to multiply it?”

First of all, you already HAVE multiplied it! When this woman first came to us, each day for her was a total financial struggle and she couldn’t figure out how to get ahead. She had no idea how to pay off debt or grow her income. So after a few years of doubling her annual income, she probably thinks, “Okay, that was easy, I’ve got it dialed-in. But, how do I MULTIPLY it?”… without even realizing she already HAS multiplied each year… it’s a done deal!

But, I can totally relate! When I first began making money, something else came with it: a feeling I had to keep it up or even do far more than I had already done. I always had to be bigger, better, faster, more than I’d ever been before… so easily and quickly forgetting where we started!

Around 19 years old, I encountered my first millionaire. He belonged to a group of entrepreneurs, who completely – and I mean COMPLETELY – changed my life.

I remember him constantly asking me, “Dani, how do you eat an elephant?” Of course, my answer: “Uhhh, I dunno?” The answer? One bite at a time! You see, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now, why in the world would he say that? I honestly never really figured it out until years later. I probably had this look of anxiety, always rushing around like I’ve got to get there TODAY, make it to the top NOW!

Have you ever felt that way? It’s almost like this racehorse inside of you is chomping at the bit: “C’mon, c’mon, let me out!” That’s YOUR racehorse in the gate. Then the starter bell rings, but your gate stays closed and all you can think is: “C’mon let me out of here, already!”

Anyway, every so often this mentor would say things to me like: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”… “You’ve got to eat that elephant, one bite at a time!” Because I NEEDED those reminders!

So, today I’m saying the same things to you. If you’re one of those people who says, “Hey, I AM doing better but how do I get MORE!?”

Now, just sit there for a moment and recognize where you truly ARE! “Wow! Look how far I’ve come, the ground I’ve taken!” You must celebrate THAT! Otherwise, where you “are” can feel very empty and unrewarding… making it all seem like “less” than you expected. Right?!

As I celebrate those victories along the way, it keeps me on track, allows me to take more ground, achieve more things and, most of all, keep moving forward.

But so often, when people reach a goal – in this case, repeatedly doubling her annual income – is now the “doubling” seems ordinary and no longer recognized as an all-out miracle. People start focusing on more, More, MORE, higher, Higher, HIGHER… instead of focusing on gratitude and continuing to be faithful with the little things responsible for getting them where they are, in the first place.

Think about this… in this economy, who doubles their income every year? Here’s who: clients, First Steps To Success and Creating A Dynasty graduates. THEY double their incomes, year after year! That’s who! I don’t know about anyone outside our community, but I DO know our clients grow and grow and grow, because we foster a culture of growth.

But sometimes in this culture, people forget where they were, the struggles they had, how it felt to worry about all those bills… how they let fear and anxiety completely rob their sleep, coming like a thief in the night… the old wounds from fighting with their spouse, being snippy with their kids and losing their temper with anyone (and everyone) around them.

I made a commitment a long time ago to never forget where I came from, because I don’t EVER want to get “comfortable” with all of this success and lose sight of the incredibly hurtful, demeaning, embarrassing and hard beginning I had.

Face it, if I lost sight of that, then the blessings I have today, as a successful entrepreneur of multiple companies, with a passionate and harmonious marriage – to a man who is my favorite person in the whole, wide world – and sharing my life talking, traveling and hanging out with my AMAZING children whom I adore…all those blessings would be so empty!

And of course, I get to connect with my AMAZINGLY-talented and brilliant coworkers, who just blow my mind. And, most importantly, YOU – who I get to work with each day! Each day, we get to touch each other’s lives, whether it’s right here in The Daily Fix, through our daily show or on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube… or even at a live First Steps To Success or Creating A Dynasty event.

Sometimes when we put too much focus on where we’re going and what we want to be, we can become dissatisfied with where we ARE. We’ve got to have balance, here!

So today, don’t forget about where you started! Take a moment to remember and celebrate it. Then, let THAT success propel you into even greater success.

Now, going back to where we began, this woman had already multiplied her income and if she just stays on the right track, simply doing what she’s already been doing for the last three years, she will continue to multiply her income even more.

Take a moment to celebrate the things you HAVE achieved… and share them with me below! Your accomplishments PROVE you will have more success in the future, as long as you continue on the right track. I’m proud of you! Thank you so much for being here with us, reading The Daily Fix. I’m so glad you share these posts with your family and your friends, and I ask you to continue to pass these messages along — it only takes two seconds, and I know you know the fire these messages can ignite inside anyone who reads them!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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