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Your Marriage Is WORTH Fighting For!

A force is trying to stop you from fulfilling your commitments, a force that wants you to fail, a force that wants you to give up and give in. Married or not, I’m telling you now – stand firm! Do NOT give up!

I’m excited to pass on a quick message today… a message that applies to you, whether you realize it or not.

Have you ever had a time in your life when you notice people all around you seem to be experiencing massive struggles in their marriages, with some even on the verge of divorce? Sometimes it feels like an all-out assault is being waged on marriages!

Well, an all-out assault IS taking place against marriages, against your relationships and against your success.

So today’s message for you is this: Stand firm, and don’t quit!

Remember when I said earlier, this applies to you, whether you realize it or not? Well, there IS a force trying to stop you from fulfilling your commitments. This force wants you to fail, wants you to give up, wants you to give in. Married or not, I’m telling you now – stand firm! Do not give up!

Listen, I’ve been ready to throw in the towel sooo many times in my marriage. Even when things seem so bad, even when things seem like they will never work, even when it seems like it’s just too hard to go on… you CANNOT quit!

Now, I may not know your exact situation, but if you’re thinking, “Dani… I married the wrong person… I got into the wrong business… I didn’t find the right job… I didn’t have the kids I had hoped for” – KNOW that a force is targeting you, and you must stand firm against it. If you are going through some major struggles in your marriage, or even with your business or parenting, just know you are on the brink of something GREAT! You just have to make a decision to stand firm, to hold tight, to not quit.

And since your marriage is a partnership, you and your partner must make the decision to not quit, together. You can’t even entertain it. You have to say, “Obviously, we must some new learn things to succeed in this relationship. There must be a piece of wisdom we are supposed to gain from this.”

See, all of these challenges in your marriage, business, finances or family, are exposing a place where you lack a skill. Challenges expose a weakness in your foundation, a rift you must fill with a new skill, whether it’s the skill of better communication with each other, the skill of forgiveness, the skill of sidestepping resentment, bitterness and judgment, the skill of perseverance, the skill of rejecting division and clinging to unity.

You cannot succeed at anything in life, if you just give up. When times get tough, you talk yourself out of the commitment you made. It’s easy to do, but you, my friend, were not called to do what’s easy! You are called to wisdom; you are called to freedom; you are called to do the right thing!

So, if there are challenges right now in your relationships, just know those challenges expose an opportunity to fill any skill gaps. And a skill is simple to learn, to hone, to buy. You know how to learn a new skill. You just have to decide quitting is not an option. You have to decide to press ahead. You have to decide division is no longer going to take a stand in your life. You’re going to cling to unity, cling to wisdom, and cling to gaining new skill sets… all enabling you to stand firm.

Listen, over the last two decades, Hans and I have certainly come to the point of, “I’m outta here, I’m done. This is too hard. I must have married the wrong person. It shouldn’t be this difficult. Why don’t other people have these challenges?” But giving up is a bunch of nonsense!!!

Here are the facts: Great marriages are marriages that manage to survive, because the partners made a decision not to quit. Great marriages are between those who made a decision to grow, to gain new skill sets, to glean from the wisdom of others.

A great marriage does not go without challenges or temptations or failures. A great marriage makes it through those bad and hard times, through all those challenges tempting you to quit.

It’s time to grow in your maturity. It’s time to cling to unity. And you will succeed beyond levels you ever thought possible, and you will grow more deeply and madly in love with the person you made a commitment to, however many years ago it was.

Please pass this message on! You never know who’s about to throw in the towel, to give in and give up. You never know who you could help by simply sending this message to everyone you know. Post it on Facebook, post it on Twitter, post it everywhere you can. Because someone you know is about to make a decision that will change the course of their life and their family forever, and you could be the one who was used as a powerful instrument to bring truth when they needed it most. Then, please share your personal experiences with me on our social media sites… whether in your own marriage or other relationship, or in one touching your life. I continue to learn and grow through your comments and stories!

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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