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Are You M-O-M & D-A-D…Or Your Kids’ A-T-M?!

As a parent, YOU have a moral obligation and responsibility to groom your kids for success – honestly, kids NEED to learn to work, make money and how to be wise financially – and in EVERY other area of their lives!

“MOM! DAD! Can I have $20 to buy a new game? Can I have some money for a movie with my friends? Will you buy me some candy? Can I have…?? Will you buy…???”

How many times have you heard this? Whether you have young kids, teens or even grown children, at some point or another you’ve probably felt like their personal ATM. And honestly, most parents give-in to their kids’ requests.

Our culture today tends to instill an entitled mindset into an entire generation… producing spoiled-rotten kids, who think only of themselves. It’s a “gimme NOW” generation. But your children don’t have to be counted among these spoiled-rotten brats. You can turn this situation into something GOOD!

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see parents raising their children to understand the importance of work and to be wise with money.

Imagine if you had been taught how to make money and work hard – with a good attitude – when young? Life would be so much easier now, wouldn’t it? Or maybe you were among the few who were taught at an early age. Look at the impact it had on your adult life!

I’ll say this: You do not have to raise those “Gimme… I want… I need… NOW!” spoiled brats.  Instead, you can guide your children to become well-rounded adults, with a positive perspective on life.

ALL kids have selfish tendencies, but it’s not carved in stone, if you groom them to have an unselfish heart, be eager to give, serve and help others. This prepares them for their future as a spouse, parent, employee or business person.

Your children watch you and they will do what you do. So take some time today, to think about the example you set. How do you spend money? Talk about work? Do the words, “I don’t want to go to work today” ever come out of your mouth? What about “I can’t afford it”?

You, as a parent, have a moral obligation and responsibility to groom your kids for success. Besides, I know you do not want to be that “ATM Parent” for the rest of your life, with a 30-year-old STILL living in your basement and STILL asking for cash to go out with their friends!

Bottom line… kids NEED to learn to work and make money. They must learn how to be wise financially – and in every other area of their lives. Remember, your kids ARE watching!

So ask yourself, have you set your children up for a lifetime of financial success? Be the example today – then help your friends, family and community to do the same! Let me know YOUR thoughts below and be sure to share today’s message!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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