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Episode 4: Effective Business Strategies To Get Back On Track & Finish The Year Strong

You started the year strong and focused! You set your goals and had a plan to meet them. But somewhere between the summer vacations, and the school year picking back […]

You started the year strong and focused! You set your goals and had a plan to meet them. But somewhere between the summer vacations, and the school year picking back up, and cooler weather setting in, your plan to meet this year’s goals got a little derailed. Hey, it happens!

In today’s episode, Dani is sharing some simple adjustments you can make to get on the fast-track to success and finish your year strong. You’ll hear from real business owners – from small, home-based businesses to multimillion dollar companies – who are stuck in a Fall slump. Dani breaks down their obstacles, and gives them a step-by-step action plan to meet their year-end goals.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Small adjustments you can make in your business that will have a major impact on your bottom line.
  • Simple ways to motivate your team, identify potential improvements, eliminate inefficiencies and grow your business by the end of the year.
  • Real world problems from current business owners, and how Dani breaks down the problem to engineer solutions.
  • How to hit the reset button on your focus and commitment and build YOUR personal economy, your employees’ personal economies, and the larger economy.
  • The skills you need to decrease your stress level, improve your bottom line, finish the year strong and thrive under any circumstances.  
  • PLUS an insider secret from Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos.

Resources From This Episode:

16-year-old Joshua started a business after his parents took him to First Steps To Success- Dani’s extraordinary training seminar, designed to equip you with simple strategies to see immediate change in your life. She will transfer her success skill to you through this unique and experiential learning event.

Business owner, Richard, refers to “F.O.R.M,” a method of getting to know potential prospects. You can learn more about that in her ‘straight-to-the brain’ training system that shows you how to cultivate prospects and close sales. 

Time Secrets-  Map out your future, organize your priorities and take charge of your time and your life, so that you are the one designing your life, and living up to the design that you make.

And A Little Extra Direction…

You heard Dani talk about her past business mistakes, and how she went from total failure to very successful. She gives you all the details in her free E-book, First Steps To Wealth. She breaks down exactly how how she overcame her horrific obstacles and applied a few surprising techniques that took her from broke, homeless cocktail waitress to multi-millionaire entrepreneur, best-selling author, radio host and family woman.

In this episode, Dani mentions that different people need different styles of management. She has a personality system called GEMS that helps identify four distinct personality types and how to speak the language of each one. We have FREE gift for you to help you understand what motivates those different personalities you have on your team!

Toward the end of the episode, Dani breaks down how reprioritizing her life allowed her to cut back her hours to 20 hours a week while still managing to triple her income. Her book, Spirit Driven Success, shows you how she aligned her priorities, with God’s priorities to become unusually successful. 

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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