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Find Out What People Want – And Just Give It To Them!

Mean people, nice people, rude people – they’re ALL people and it all boils down to THEIR needs, values and motivations. Understanding what motivates someone can help you avoid or stop conflict...dead in its tracks!

One of the largest obstacles people face in the job market is dealing with other people. Whether it’s your coworkers or, even worse, your boss, you can’t avoid the fact different personalities clash and conflicts will arise. But sometimes it just seems like someone (or everyone!) is out to get you. You know what I mean… those people who speak and nothing comes out of their mouths, except negativity, gossip or rudeness.

The quickest, easiest way to deal with other people in the workplace is to adjust how you react to them. There are a million excuses for why people act the way they do, but whatever it is, the reason is usually NOT you.

What has conflict ever done for you? Chances are it stressed you out, stolen your time and damaged your work environment. Positives? Few, if any. So, here are three ways to solve issues quickly or just steer clear of them completely:

  1. If it’s someone who tends to be rude, mean or generally negative – then just don’t engage. You don’t need to accept that offense or negativity in your life. The best step is to forgive and move on! Easier said than done, but the reward is SO worth it. Remember, taking offense is a choice!
  2. Confront a miscommunication immediately. If there is a miscommunication or someone acts particularly hostile, clear the air using this simple script, “If I’ve done something to cause ___, I’d like to resolve that. I’m really sorry for ___.” Don’t let a miscommunication or offense fester. Remember: Encourage the other person, address the conflict, end on encouragement.
  3. Figure out what motivates the people around you. If you’re the type of person who values punctuality, wouldn’t it drive you nuts if the people in your life didn’t share that value and constantly showed up late? Understanding what honors another person and how they like to be spoken to, can help you communicate effectively and stop conflict… right in its tracks!

Especially with this last one, you need to realize, sometimes you frustrate the people around you – without even realizing it! And vice versa! It all has to do with our needs, values and motivations. If you figure out theirs, you can help steer away from or apologize immediately, for things you know frustrate them.

Mean people, nice people, rude people – they’re ALL people! And because they ARE people, they deserve your honor and respect. Chances are, a mean person’s bark is probably a lot worse than their bite, so do your part not to take offense and not let these insignificant encounters alter your actions and emotions.

What you focus on, you will get good at. If you waste your day with conflicts – and the stress it causes you – that means it’s stealing time from productive work and happiness. So, what are YOU focusing on? I’d love to know! Leave your comments below!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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