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Fresher, Tastier, Healthier AND Cheaper…A NEW Approach To Shopping!

People waste a LOT of money at the grocery store, paying more for convenience – and those pre-packaged "convenience" foods come with BIG bonuses, like additives...ultimately making you fat, sick and BROKE!

Today we’re gonna learn how to save some money! (Everybody wants that, right?!)

One place people waste a lot of money is at the grocery store – and most never even realize it! Look, over the past several years I have seen and heard it all. And it always shocks me when people tell me how much they spend at the grocery store, acting like it’s normal. “Oh, I only spend like $200 a week.”

Uh, HELLO! When I had all my kids still living in the house, we survived just fine on $100 a week at the grocery store. Wouldn’t you love to find where that other hundred (or more) goes and have an extra four hundred – or more – in your pocket every month?

In reality, if you throw stale food, leftovers or moldy fruit into the trash, you throw away your hard-earned money. Let me repeat that – so you really get it – pitching your food in the trash literally equals cash in the trash!

Want to know THE number one, best way to save money at the grocery store? Meal planning! Taking a little bit of extra time to outline your foods for the week, will always save you from throwing out extra.

But today, I want to share a few tips to help out while you’re actually in the store, list in hand. This is where the real damage occurs.

  • Let’s start with produce! Don’t buy any of the prepackaged, pre-sliced, pre-cut fruits or veggies. They cost more and are usually pumped full of disgusting hormones and preservatives.
  • Don’t buy pre-grated cheeses. They may appear to be the same price but check the weight! More often than not, you get twice as much cheese in a block than you do in a bag or package of sliced cheese. And guess what, grated cheese has additives!
  • Make your own salad dressing. You can buy a package of seasoning for mere cents and mix with vinegar and olive oil to make your own, fresh, salad dressing. It’s healthier for you and way cheaper.
  • Don’t throw out old bread. Use stale bread to make your own croutons! In general, always use a bit of imagination to re-purpose old food or leftovers, instead of just throwing it away. Google a quick recipe or instructions for free and easy ideas.
  • Buy the whole chicken. Instead of purchasing chicken breasts, cook the whole chicken. Plan multiple meals using the meat and save the broth for yet another meal!
  • When you do purchase breasts or fillets, learn actual serving sizes. This tip will help your bank account and your waistline. The recommended portion size for meat or chicken is about THREE OUNCES! In most cases, people count one fillet per person – almost TWICE the recommended size.
  • Avoid sales and buying in bulk. Sales and bulk items encourage you to overbuy… temptation most of us fall hard for every time. You go to buy a week’s worth of food and come home with a month’s supply of ice cream, potato chips and soda.

Recognize we often pay more for convenience… and that money quickly adds up! Not to mention, those extra additives in pre-packaged, over-processed JUNK, make you fat, sick and broke.

Share this message with your friends and coworkers today! These tips can help anyone trying to get out of debt, lose weight or just save some money. It takes two seconds to pass this message along and has the potential to totally revamp someone’s personal finances! Then, be sure to let me know your thoughts and your own strategies on today’s topic!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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