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Stop Singing The Monday Blues

A recent survey cited the fact 1 IN 3 Americans report they feel stressed-out, overworked and underpaid in their job. And if you can be counted among them, I have some simple strategies to help take YOUR career to the next level!

How many of us dread Monday morning… and ready to do a “happy dance” at closing time every Friday?

As it turns out, quite a few of us! In fact, I recently read a survey citing  ONE in THREE Americans report they feel stressed-out, overworked and underpaid in their job.

And if you are raising your hand saying yep, I’m one of those one in three, I have some simple strategies to help you take your career to the next level. We can guarantee, you will FINALLY:

  • Find satisfaction and fulfillment in your job.
  • Learn to communicate peacefully with your boss and coworkers.
  • Make sure you name is never on a layoff list… no matter the state of the economy.
  • Earn MASSIVE raises, bonuses and promotions.
  • Take your life to the next level!

AND, the best part is….

….all of this is possible wherever you are RIGHT NOW.

If any of these ring true for you, I want you to do these five things. That’s it. Just five simple steps, to escape your current career rut and turn this into a season of EXPLOSIVE growth.

See, we want you to become WILDLY successful in the marketplace. is here to equip you with the tools you need to positively impact your life, financially, and create true purpose for your time and money. So let’s talk about how to implement these five strategies.

1. Stop Complaining

Truthfully, 98% of the population end up dead or dead-broke by the age of 65.

This same 98% of the population end up dependent on their family, friends and federal government for their income.

These people would rather blame the marketplace and complain about the position they’re in, rather than take personal responsibility for creating the success they want.

Complaining has become a habit for too many. It’s become an entire CULTURE. That’s why you find pictures like the ones at the beginning of this post ALL over social media. But you’re part of that remaining 2%, and you are called to something better.

If you’re unhappy or bored in your job, look for areas where you can take responsibility for YOUR part. You can’t change other people. You can’t. Stop trying. You will not change your boss. You will not change your coworkers. But, you CAN change how you act and respond toward those people.

When you stop wasting your time griping, you will identify areas where you can solve problems and find solutions. You will identify new needs you can fill in your company.

If you feel underpaid or unappreciated, instead of blaming your boss or your workplace, look for ways to INCREASE your value inside that organization. And it all starts with changing how you think and speak about your job.

Words have power. When you change from a problem-focused mindset, to a solution-focused mindset, you become an ASSET to your organization.

2. Start Encouraging

Rather than blaming and complaining, how can you build-up the people around you?

Think about a time when you felt encouraged. Your boss praised your work. Your coworker acknowledged your contribution to the team. Your spouse or significant other showed appreciation for a meal you prepared or a chore you did around the house.

Feels good, doesn’t it? Makes you want to keep doing those things, doesn’t it? Makes you feel kinda warm and fuzzy toward the person who offered that encouragement, doesn’t it?

If your boss is stressed-out, ask what you can do to relieve that stress. Write your boss a thank you note. Write a coworker, who is having a rough day, an uplifting little note. Point out the positive things you see going on in your organization.

“Dani, I am not going to kiss up to them.” I’m not talking about kissing up. We aren’t talking about manipulation. I’m talking about genuinely finding the good in your boss, your coworkers, your company. Trust me, honor and respect ALWAYS work.

Not only will it make people want to spend time around you, it’s going to change YOUR mindset. You now replace that complaining with a habit of speaking life into your organization and the people around you.

3. Remain Teachable

It’s important to remain teachable, even if you ARE the best in your business right now. You can always learn more. People who get comfortable, get lazy. Things constantly change, especially in today’s “tech-focused” world.

All you need to raise your value in the marketplace, is a willingness to raise your SKILL LEVEL. The only difference between an amateur and a professional, is their level of skill.

You can increase your value in ANY job…

…whether working for someone else, working for yourself, working on a team, working in your home…..

….by increasing your skills.

Become an EXPERT at whatever you do. If it’s sales, invest in learning everything you can about sales. If it’s marketing and advertising, become the resident copy-writing guru. The more willing you are to learn specialized skills, the more value you bring to the marketplace.

What extra skills or tools can YOU bring to your position? Even if it’s not in your job description, what needs exist in your company? Can you take a class in social media? Learn more about computers? Can you hone your people skills? I’ve seen people earn 6-figure bonus checks, simply by learning skills their company values.

When you remain teachable, you always make room for growth in your career. I don’t care what that career is. If you are a doctor or a lawyer, or if you push papers, or crunch numbers, or organize warehouses, or clean toilets or make beds in hotel rooms. You ARE capable of raising your value in that job.

[NOTE: Do you blow away your boss with your skill sets? Take control of your career direction and start seeing promotions, raises and bonuses – FAST – with the training you’ll receive at our LIVE seminar, First Steps To Success.]

4. Put The Success Of OTHERS First

When you put other people first, you increase your value. People who are invaluable in personal relationships – and in business – promote, support and defend the interests of others.

I want to tell you about my friend, Mona. She started as a volunteer with our company. When she started, she didn’t know a single thing about computers, managing events or sales. But she jumped right in and helped with registrations, helped me with content, helped debrief the staff after events…

….even though she wasn’t paid to do ANY of it.

But, she edified the people around her. She challenged everyone to grow in the trainings we share on She built relationships with everyone and showed genuine interest in them.

She invested herself in the success of the company. She enriched the environment around her, so we HAD to find a position for her!

People like Mona are advocates. Advocates see problems, and find solutions to those problems. They fuel their environment with encouragement. They always ask: “How can I help someone succeed today?”

In disagreements, they listen and put the needs of the other person first. They have a desire to serve and give… rather than take. They don’t point fingers. They allow the other person to save face. They communicate with humility and understanding.

And I know you’re saying, “But Dani, I work with so-and-so, who just doesn’t get it. Communicating is impossible. Dani, my boss is the worst person I’ve ever met. He sucks the life out of our company.” Doesn’t matter. You can’t change them, you can only change you. So, what can you do to relate to them better?

[NOTE: A great place to start is with this FREE personality starter kit. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself – and others – right away, and establish peace and harmony in your workplace.]

A willingness to work with other people – and put others above yourself – will set you apart from 98% of the people in the marketplace.

5. Take Initiative

Don’t have a “not my job, not my problem” mindset. That’s how you get laid-off or fired. Bottom line, 98% of employees are only looking for what they can get out of their company or job.

They want a paycheck, a promotion, the big year-end bonus and a sense of personal satisfaction. But these same people just take advantage of their company, by spending work time texting, checking social media and sending personal emails. These are the people complaining about their boss… instead of changing their situation. 

If you were the boss, would you give that person a raise?

You only get out, what you’re willing to put in. If you only do enough to get a paycheck, your employer will only pay you enough to not quit. Even if your workplace has a culture of laziness, don’t allow yourself to get sucked into that culture. Be the one who breaks that mold.

Have a “no excuses” attitude and go the extra mile to get the job done before anyone asks. no matter your position in the company. I don’t care if you’re a janitor. You can take initiative and add value to your organization.

When you always seek solutions to problems – whatever your job description – you make other’s lives easier! I PROMISE, you will stand out to your boss… in a good way.

When you implement these five things, you exemplify the qualities of a great LEADER. And you can be a great leader at ANY level within your company.

Think about it for a minute, because this is pretty logical stuff. Imagine a person who always:

  • smiles
  • has a positive attitude and outlook
  • offers encouragement
  • provides assistance, without being asked
  • delivers on promises
  • goes “above-and-beyond”

Do YOU want to be around that person? Do you want to work with that person? Are you inclined to pay that person more money and keep them in your organization? Heck yeah, you do!

Remember Brendan? After 25 years in the same company – with no promotions and no raises – he came to just ONE of our training seminars, and in a single year, earned a $90,000 raise.

I want you to be the first person on the list for promotions and raises. I want you to absolutely blow your boss’s socks off, with your attitude and performance. So we are offering you those same skills right here with this checklist of 10 Ways To Stay Off The Layoff List.

You will learn how get inside your boss’s head and deliver exactly what he’s looking for.

Gone are the days of stressing about losing your job, because you are NOW a powerful asset to your company.

And, your work week flies by because you love your job.

Grab your free checklist right here!

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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