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If You Sow HONOR, You Can Reap CASH!

Money DOES grow, certainly not on trees…or even in banks or on credit cards! But money is still SEED. In fact, you’ve already got seeds in your pocket – PEOPLE. You can grow MONEY by simply cultivating your ability to work with people!

Today, let’s talk about one HUGE money-related concept! Because I’m telling you, if you develop this mindset and really invest your time into it, your profits will grow like crazy!

Have you ever been told “money doesn’t grow on trees?” Maybe your mom or dad, a teacher or a boss told you this. Their intentions might have been good, but did they only tell you HALF that story? Money DOES grow, certainly not on trees… or even in banks or on credit cards!

But money is still seed. In fact, you’ve already got seeds in your pocket. Now of course, the question is, how do you get it to grow? You CAN grow money by simply cultivating your ability to work with people effectively.

I grew up in an abusive home, alienated by my friends and church after I became pregnant at 17, and was left by my husband for another woman…. so it’s safe to say I was not a big fan of people. But I was homeless and needed something. When I started that first business out of the trunk of my car, how was I able to do it? How was I able to set up a voicemail box with absolutely no money?

I made friends with the guy from the phone company! You see, I started to learn about people and how to communicate in a way that honored and benefited them. I found out when I honored others, I got benefits from that simple act.

Understand me… I’m not saying to manipulate or use people, but to listen to them and communicate in a way they feel heard. You build trust, which allows you help them meet their needs. I’ve said it a thousand times before – you reap what you sow, when you SOW honor, you will REAP honor.

People are your biggest asset. People help you solve problems and open new opportunities for you. How often do you turn to your family or friends, looking for a referral for a doctor, plumber, real estate agent or even a date? Did you land a job because you knew someone? Many times did you know someone, who knows someone, who helps get your needs met? Be a people connector!

Research says every person knows AT LEAST 2,000 people, by the time they are 20 years old. Think about it, those 2,000 people know 2,000 people each! Imagine your dynamic influence in the lives of those around you, if you honored and listened to them, helped them meet their needs and connected them with others?

Maximize your personal resources and start making a list of the people you know. Put down every person who comes to mind. Jot down how you know them, their occupation and what they do for fun. You meet new people every day, so add to your list EVERY DAY. As you make your list, think about these people and how you can help them meet their needs. Build and strengthen those relationships. Your business and your finances WILL grow.

You are probably really great at developing relationships with people and getting needs met, but hopefully you’ve gained some benefits from this today. And if it helped you, you might know someone else it can help. Talk about it with your coworkers or friends and forward them this message. Since social media is a great ways to connect with people, you can just post this link! You won’t believe the impact you can have on someone, just by sharing valuable content with them!

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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