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Leading By Example, Leads To Success For EVERYONE!

Your success – and the success of your team – starts with YOU, so commit 100% to your team and clients...truly go “all in.” Raise the bar for your team to create win-win situations to strengthen your team...and grow your finances, TOO!

Today, let’s talk about creating success for yourself and those around you. In other words, your TEAM. You ARE part of a team… whether an entrepreneur, employee, student or stay-at-home parent. Not only are you a part of a team, you can act as the leader for your team – whether you’ve already got the title or by simply using your knowledge and behaviors, working to EARN the title!

As leader, you set the team standards for level of commitment, work quality expectations, and motivating each individual. YOUR level of commitment determines YOUR level of production. When you raise your level of commitment, you automatically affect and change your team. YOUR focus influences your team and their performance.

Your cues – both verbal and nonverbal – send strong messages to both the members of your group and those outside of your team. Did you know 93% of all communication is nonverbal?!

Knowing the proper leadership and communication skills, will gain you the respect and attention of professional peers, your leaders, your teachers, your neighbors – all as your team begins to excel. Never fool yourself into believing you’re invisible – someone is ALWAYS watching… and hopefully, learning from your example!

Using these three tips will skyrocket your leadership skills and grab the attention of that promotion board or committee at work – or even a special someone in your personal life!

Tip 1: The way you dress makes a statement about your self-image and sends a message to others about your degree of commitment. It even affects your speech. When you dress like a slob, you come across as lazy and unmotivated. When you dress for success, you feel more confident. Others gravitate to that confidence!

Tip 2: Take into consideration the fact your team is comprised of different personalities – with very different strengths, skills and motivations. Learn to communicate with each member, so the team now works toward the same goal. Teach, reinforce and exemplify what you expect and what the team needs.

Tip 3: Realize, by demonstrating positive leadership, you do not deserve all the credit for your team’s success. If everything you do is for the credit, people will see right through your intentions. These actions do not say leadership, they shout selfishness or arrogance.

Your success – and your team’s – starts with you. Enhance your value, to both your clients and your team, by committing 100% and going “all in.”

Speak to the vision and purpose of your team, instead of complaining about petty issues bogging you down. Raise the bar for your team. Take them from a childish, immature team – who hasn’t even mastered the basics – to a fiery, professional team who gets insanely successful results. By creating win-win situations, you build and strengthen your team… while growing your finances, too!

I’m sure you have a high level of commitment and hope this has only reinforced it. Adding wood to your “commitment fire” spurs you on in the journey. If you know someone who can use some extra kindling for their “fire,” do them a favor and please share this message with them today!

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

Get The Map

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

Get The Map