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At 17, my youngest son had a writing assignment for English...and he wrote about "spiritual surrender" – but it astounded me to no end to see so much WISDOM come out of such a YOUNG man and just HAD to share!

Have you ever wondered how to surrender to God’s will? Or what that even means? You see, God has a plan for your life involving some amazing things! But most of the time we fight for control, steering our own way, getting lost, asking for forgiveness… getting back on track. Sound familiar?

When my youngest son was 17, he had a writing assignment for his English class. We homeschooled, so when he finished, he sent it over to me. I saved his short essay, because it totally blew me away! It was so powerful and thought-provoking, I just had to share it with you!

Many people may ask how to surrender yourself completely to God. Although it is not easy, it is surely possible. First, you must become a living sacrifice for God. This means giving your body to him. By giving your body to him, you are allowing him to have control, and treating your body right, taking care of it and keeping it pure. We must also give up our rights. This means allowing God to be in full control of your life. We will need to understand that this step is vital to letting God work fluently in our life.

Next, you will need to make sure that you do not conform to this world. This step is very important. We must make sure that our focus is changing the world, not the world changing us. One important way to make sure you don’t conform, is to resist social pressure. Everyone will encourage you to do things you shouldn’t, they will make them look attractive and inviting. You must be able to look past the propaganda and at the lives of many of these people, is it something you want. One other thing to watch out for, are the values of this world. Many of them involve focusing on material things you can wear, touch and feel. It is important to keep our values focused on heaven, kingdom living.

The final, and equally important, step is to renew your mind. Allow God to be in your mind all the time. An efficient way to do this is to read your Bible. However, reading it most of the time isn’t enough. We need to meditate on God’s word. This will allow God to speak to us and will help us be able to apply it to our lives. We must also apply these biblical principles to our lives. Not just sometimes, but every day, any opportunity we get, and with every person we see.

It astounded me to no end, that so much wisdom came out of such a young man. I hope it touched your spirit and made you really think about your spiritual walk with Him. It’s important to realize God wants you to be successful! It’s easy to forget, but He has such amazing things in store for your life… you just have to let Him guide you!

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In great faith

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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