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The Secret To Success? GIVE More Than You TAKE!

I’m sure you’ve heard it’s better to give than to receive – especially true at work. If you only look for what you can REAP, you will miss opportunities to if you want to grow, you must GIVE more than you TAKE!

Have you ever been around one of those employees who seems to suck the life right out of their environment? Instead of looking for ways to bring value to the company, they show up with a “What can you do for me?” attitude.

That’s the problem with 98% of employees! They look for what they can get out of their company or job – a paycheck, a promotion, benefits, a big year-end bonus or even personal satisfaction. Bottom line, they’re taking advantage of the company.

I’m sure you’ve heard it’s better to give than to receive. That’s not just a nice little saying… and not just at Christmas. It applies to you, here and now.

I know you’re thinking, “But Dani, what does giving have to do with my job?” My friend, you have opportunities to share your gifts and talents, whether you’re a receptionist or CEO. But if you only look for what you can reap, you will miss opportunities to sow. So think about it today – do you contribute or suck the air out of your environment? If you want to grow, you must give more than you take.

So what exactly does that look like? How do you contribute to your work environment? It’s so simple, most people would never think to do it…

Become an advocate! An advocate defends, supports and promotes the interests of others.

Advocates are rare, and have an extremely high value in the marketplace. Why? Because they continuously feed positive energy into their environment. They encourage and edify. They invest their hearts and souls into the company. They consistently look for opportunities to enrich the people around them.

We desperately need more advocates in the world today. We need people who will push each other toward their goals and pull the best out of each other.

An advocate constantly stands as a beacon for the heart of the company, keeping people focused. They protect the integrity of the company and reputation of its leaders.

I didn’t realize the value of an advocate, until I had one show up in my life. But since then, life has never been the same. So let me tell you about my friend, Mona. When Mona started with us, she knew nothing about computers or managing events or sales. But she was an advocate. Mona started as a volunteer, but we created a position for her because she brought such high value to our company.

She constantly edified everyone around her and challenged everyone to grow through all the trainings here at Mona took the time to build relationships with all of her coworkers – whether in her department or not. She is always a true advocate for the company and everyone in it.

And when we needed someone to manage staff, it was obvious Mona was the right choice for the job.

So you see, advocates build their value because they know it’s better to give, than to receive. They know it’s better to pump encouragement into their work environment, rather than allow a negative attitude to suck-out the life.

It’s not complicated. Mona was promoted from a volunteer to a manager, simply because she became an advocate… and you can do the same!

Another great way to become an advocate is to share good, useful information with your friends, family and coworkers. Imagine if everyone in your company and community understood the value of an advocate! Imagine how much more your team could accomplish, if everyone would step-up and decide to enhance their environment, instead of just taking away from it. It all starts when you simply forward this message to them today! You can share it via email or even post this link on your social media sites. It’s that simple!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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