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What Doesn’t KILL Me…

It takes an INSANE amount of COURAGE to attack what's attacking might mean RISKING EVERYTHING. But your SURVIVAL depends on you CHASING that sucker down and DESTROYING it!

Have you ever had something in your life – a struggle, an addiction, a habit, a nasty little voice whispering in your ear – haunting you? Something manipulating and controlling you? Something stealing your peace, robbing your sleep, consuming your thoughts and filling your head with lies?

We’ve all been there.

In fact, not too long ago I was there. Until I reached that moment, when I decided things HAD to change…

You know that moment I’m talking about? The moment that puts you over the edge… the moment that pushes you to your breaking point… the moment that causes you to stand up and say, “Enough is enough!”

In that moment, I decided it was time to get up and ATTACK what had been attacking me.

So, I took to Facebook and let ‘er RIP! And today, I’m sharing that post with you, because it conveys a powerful lesson for you and me, both… as well as some encouragement, no matter where you are in your journey or what challenges you face.

I learned this concept of “attack what’s attacking you” from Dani over six years ago, and it actually applies to EVERY area of your life – business, career, relationships, finances, spiritual, personal.

Take a couple of minutes right now to check out the post below. (Warning: I can get a little fired up…)

I’m feeling a little FIERY this morning. A little FIERCE. A little UNSTOPPABLE.

I’m SICK of being pushed down and kicked around. I’m TIRED of being CONTROLLED and MANIPULATED. I’m DONE shoving my destiny onto the back burner, while I let struggles and circumstances take over.

You’ve heard, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,” right? Well, that’s just not enough for me, anymore…

Sure, I’ll grow through the process. Sure, I’ll get stronger. Sure, I’ll learn valuable lessons. But I’m done sitting back and TAKING it.

So, what doesn’t kill me, better WATCH ITS BACK, because I’m coming for it. It’s time to ATTACK and DESTROY!

You see, this concept of “attack what’s attacking you” is an OFFENSIVE mindset. This means you don’t sit back and allow things to keep coming at you… you don’t just sit there and take it… you don’t play defense, you attack that sucker with everything you’ve got! You run straight into the face of your opposition and TAKE THAT SUCKER DOWN!

I actually had a powerful revelation about this, while playing laser tag awhile back. See, in laser tag, most people hide behind walls, in dark corners or behind the obstacles, to shoot the opposing team as they run by. But when that’s your strategy, it’s easy to get backed into a corner, where you’re totally helpless and vulnerable. (And that’s not a good place to be when you have POINTS on the line! This is a SERIOUS game!!!)

So, there I was, backed into a corner with nowhere to go. I was gonna get shot.

But, then I had an idea… the other person was just going to wait for me to come out of hiding, so he could shoot me since I was an EASY TARGET. So what did I do? I got my gun ready and RAN FULL SPEED, right toward him. He was caught so off-guard, he didn’t even have time to shoot! I smiled and looked him in the eye as I shot him. (Okay, so I MAY get a LITTLE competitive in laser tag… you got a problem with that?!)

I decided to try this strategy a few more times. I would get “caught” in a corner or between members of the opposing team, then charge head-on and totally annihilate them – and they never saw it coming! I attacked what was attacking me.

So, how does that translate into real life?

It takes an INSANE amount of COURAGE to attack what’s attacking you. Sometimes it means running straight into the face of whatever haunts you, controls you, manipulates you and fills your head with lies. Sometimes it means RISKING IT ALL – your comfort, your reputation, your lifestyle – to face these things. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. Sometimes it’s scary, uncomfortable or inconvenient.

BUT, if you want to succeed in life… want to reach your goals… want healthy, harmonious relationships… want your business to explode… want to get OUT of your rut… want to BREAK FREE from whatever binds you… want to fulfill your DESTINY…

Then you’ve GOT to ATTACK what’s attacking YOU! Your very SURVIVAL depends on you chasing that sucker down and DESTROYING it!

No more sitting back and taking whatever life throws at you. No more settling. No more, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!”

No, NOW it’s, “What doesn’t kill me, better watch its back, ‘cuz I’m about to take that sucker DOWN!!!”

My friend, grab some fire today. Go fight to WIN, today. Go be UNSTOPPABLE, today.

And, that’s my encouragement for you today. Choose to get up, stand up and FIGHT. Attack what’s attacking you. Destroy what’s destroying you. Chase that thing down and put an END to it! Make it sorry it ever messed with you!

Here’s what I know about YOU, my friend:

  • YOU are not called to settle.
  • YOU are not called to quit.
  • YOU are not called to lose.
  • YOU are not called to mediocrity.

That is NOT you!

  • YOU are called to be SET APART!
  • YOU are called to a destiny FAR BIGGER than anything you’ve ever imagined!
  • YOU are called to succeed WILDLY!
  • YOU are called to OVERCOME, to RISE ABOVE, to be TRULY FREE!

So, whatever you face today… whatever obstacle stands in your way… whatever challenge you must overcome today… it’s time to ATTACK and DESTROY!

Who do you know who could use this encouragement today? Take a minute to pass this message along to your family and friends, now! You never know who desperately needs this shot in the arm today!

I’d also LOVE to know your thoughts on all of this. What will YOU attack today? What one thing you MUST attack and destroy? Please leave me your comments below!

Forever in YOUR corner,

Mary Howard

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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