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You Have To CLIMB The Leadership Ladder…And HERE Are Your First 3 Steps!

Guess what, leadership skills are NOT defined by a title...but, working on your skills might just EARN you that title & these 3 steps play a major role in developing your basic leadership skills – in your home or office!

In today’s economy and job market, you might find yourself working somewhere you never expected. Maybe it’s a dead-end job or maybe just an “okay” job, where you simply clock hours… then can’t figure out why you still get constantly overlooked for raises or promotions. Or maybe, no one wants to hire you at all!

I’ve seen all of these scenarios in the past – and present – in my business, and even inside other companies. So, if you’re frustrated with your current position, listen up!

Your leadership skills are not defined by your title. However, working on your skills might just earn you that title!

Step 1:

If you want to BE successful, you have to learn from someone who IS successful. In this case, who have you seen promoted? What coworkers have received bonuses? Look for who your boss or manager pays attention to. You might think, “Yeah Dani, but that coworker is such a suck-up!”

Look, your boss can see around that. Don’t let your judgment prevent you from learning a thing or two. Maybe that coworker also keeps their workplace really tidy and offers to stay late. Or maybe it’s just the fact they don’t have a crap attitude toward everyone around them.

Step 2:

One major leadership quality you need to hone – like, yesterday! – is dropping the need to take credit. Let’s be honest, you want credit for the great work you’ve done! But as soon as you make a mistake, do you hope no one’s looking? If all you care about is the spotlight, then you simply aren’t a leader.

Leadership is about bringing out the best in those around you! Which means, more often than not, their talents will be showcased. But if you’re only in it for the credit, title or glory – so to speak – please stop now! That mindset hurts you and your team. You’re sowing some seriously bad seeds.

Step 3:

Only a very low level of leadership simply points out what’s not working. The next step up on the leadership ladder brings solutions to the table. You need to become known as the problem-solver… not the problem-maker or the problem-spotter.

You can start by talking to your boss! Tell him or her you WANT to help out and make the office a more pleasant or productive place, then ASK what you can do.

These steps play a major role in developing your basic leadership skills at home or in the office. How have you seen your developing skills affect the world around you? Share your stories with me, in the comments below!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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