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Your Marriage Needs This One Thing (Hint: it’s not what you think)

Time. HA… what’s that?

Successfully-married couples know two things.

First, great marriages manage to survive because the partners made a conscious decision not to quit.

Second, when two individuals decide to grow, to gain new skill sets, to glean from the wisdom of others, togethergreat marriages result.

However, a great marriage does NOT go without challenges or temptations or failures. A great marriage not only survives through those bad and hard times, all those challenges tempting you to quit, it learns how to THRIVE.

Is your marriage stuck with the crumbly, stale, moldy leftovers?

You do the best you can, but you STILL just don’t have the time.

And, when you’re all finally home, let’s face it – you just want to stare at your phone or TV and veg-out.

Wife nags husband, he NEVER has time for her.

Husband nags wife, she’s NEVER satisfied with the time they do have.

So what is the solution? Focused, quality time.

A couple of decades back, my marriage flat-out sucked.

A business mentor of mine told me, “You have absolutely nothing I want. All you’re selling is how to be stressed out… work like a dog…. your marriage stinks, and you don’t even know your children. You haven’t had ANY time off in years and there isn’t an American out there who would trade their stress for yours.”

That “slap in the face” I mentioned, led me to re-examine my marriage, and the guy – the one who “woke me up” to reality – told me to invest QUALITY TIME into marriage… just as I had “invested” into my work all those years.

The ONE thing that made the difference in my marriage was starting to spend quality time with my husband.

And he was so right…

These were my priorities, from top to bottom:

  1. Work
  2. Work
  3. Work
  4. Work
  5. Kids
  6. Marriage

I genuinely hated Hans and was convinced I had stepped outside of God’s will, when I married him. C’mon, we couldn’t even have a conversation with each other, without going for the throat.

But, here’s the bottom line: We weren’t each other’s priority… and when something isn’t a priority, you will NOT go out of your way to make the time.

Listen, friend, as Hans and I began to re-prioritize our lives, we tripled our income in 12 months… so no matter how much you think what I’m saying doesn’t apply to you, KEEP READING!

It can be as simple (and affordable) as spreading out a blanket in the living room and eating ice cream together for your “Date Night.”

Ask each other questions. Get to KNOW each other. Even ask your spouse to fill out this little questionnaire called, “My Favorite Things.” I’m telling you, you will learn things about your spouse, I can PROMISE you didn’t know before! Click here to download the file!

And, here’s the proof this works:

Today, I respect this man more than anyone else in the world. He’s the wisest, most fine-looking specimen I’ve EVER laid my eyes on, and he is ALL mine. I missed out on SO much all that time I focused on wanting HIM to become the “right” person!

When Hans and I are apart, everything in my body misses and craves him. It’s honestly painful!!!

And get this, friend, we haven’t had a full-steam argument in almost two years! Why? Because we have made each other a priority AND have constantly learn new skills to deal with new challenges in our marriage.

Imagine that!

What IF, the time became available, as you made your spouse a priority?

Look, if Hans and I could go from hating each other, to madly and passionately in love, then SO CAN YOU!!!!!!!!!

Now, I have a question for you…

…what is your response to this post?

Are you getting excited and hopeful and ready to start doing this with your spouse? Great!

But if not…

If you are absolutely a screaming “NO” at this screen right now because you absolutely do NOT want to spend time with your spouse…

Or saying “That could never work for me because of XYZ”…

You’ve made it this far, you want to have a hot marriage, but you know it’s not gonna happen.

Then, have a much bigger problem than you think.

You’re in the danger zone.

Not only are you on the verge of losing your marriage, but you need to find a way to turn it around… and FAST.

You need to do WHATEVER it takes to get to our brand-new event, Hot Marriage Secrets.

Honestly, not everyone wants a HOT marriage.

Some couples are perfectly content with an “OK” or “boring” relationship.

But for the select few who genuinely want to ignite a shockingly passionate, fun and harmonious marriage, this special event is for you.

To make 100% sure that Dani is investing her time and effort into the people who will take this event to heart and put it to action, she has created an application process that will confirm that you, and your spouse, are truly serious about the future success of your marriage.

Dani only wants to work with truly committed clients who will intently follow the life changing directions that will be presented at Hot Marriage Secrets.

So if this is you…

…then I highly recommend you APPLY NOW to see if you qualify for our next Hot Marriage Secrets!

Friend, please pass this message on! You never know who’s about to throw in the towel, to give in or give up. You never know who you could help, by simply sending this message to everyone you know.

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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