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Your Stress-Free Holiday Gift Guide: This Year, Give LASTING Change

During the holidays, it's SO easy to get swamped by the fast & furious gift-shopping, party-going and cookie-baking – BUT, we have the whole present thing totally covered for you this year...with gifts to transform lives THIS holiday season!

For some people, the holidays truly represent the most wonderful time of the year. But for many, the holiday season can be painful, stressful or just plain tiring!

We get swamped by the fast and furious gift-shopping, party-going and cookie-baking. And end up with a holiday hangover of stress, pressure and anxiety – and probably debt, too!

And that’s why we have the gift thing totally covered for you this year…We’ve taken the stress and guesswork out of it.

PLUS… you’re giving your loved ones (or yourself!) the gift of a transformed life this season. So, sit back, relax and check holiday shopping off your to-do list! Ready? Here we go…

For the stressed-out and overwhelmed mom…

Why she wants it: Our “Grooming The Next Generation For Success” home study program covers EVERY tough parenting problem imaginable. It helps parents tackle any parenting issue, from the toddler to the teenage years.

She’ll build confidence, and raise honorable, respectful and visionary kids. Think of it as a roadmap for her parenting journey.

How to give it: You don’t want to insult your friend by handing her a parenting program with zero context. “Here you go, I think your parenting sucks!” NOT the best game plan.

Let her know how much you admire her as a parent, and you see how much she loves her kids and how hard she works for them. Then explain this program will empower her as a mom, build confidence, relieve stress and create harmony.

For the family ALWAYS stressed about money…

Why they want it: War on Debt is an easy-to-apply program, designed to teach the user how to annihilate debt and regain control of their hard-earned cash.

Its rock-solid strategies will end the cycle of debt and overspending. It helps to identify money-sucks. It will build confidence and bring the recipient financial freedom… FAST.

How to give it: Another gift that requires some careful treading. You certainly don’t want your friends to think you’re judging their spending habits. Instead, acknowledge how HARD they work to support their family.

Paint a picture of the freedom financial independence offers:

  • MORE confidence
  • LESS stress
  • STOP anxiously waiting for the next paycheck to hit the checking account
  • More FUN!

For the friend who wonders about God’s plan for their life…








Why they want it: Uncertainty is incredibly scary. The world cries out for love, acceptance, protection and security. And Spirit Driven Success I & II positively radiate God’s heart for His people, and explain His absolute desire to see us thrive!

These audios unlock ancient success secrets… straight from God’s word. They layer God’s promises to His people. Promises about His love and perfect plan for each and every life. And, they break down exactly how to build wealth in God’s Financial Kingdom.

How to give it: “I know you’ve been really wrestling with your calling in life. You’re not sure if God even has a plan or what that plan might be. God loves you – and he DOES have a plan for you! He wants you to be wildly, outrageously successful and to prosper greatly.

“These audios will bring you so much comfort, and show you exactly how to walk hand-in-hand with God. He IS with you along every step of your journey to success.”

For the friend always in a rush & struggling to stay on top of their to-do list…

Why they want it: Instead of constantly racing against time, Time Secrets will make time WORK to their advantage. They’ll get more done, feel less pressure and free their schedule to do more of what they truly LOVE!

By unlocking these secrets of time management and ironing out priorities, they design a life that fits THEIR schedule. They will stop allowing someone else to dictate their time.

How to give it: “You have an amazing desire to accomplish BIG things with your life. I know you feel stressed and overwhelmed, trying to balance everything you’ve got going on. The tools in this system have helped thousands of people make their dreams a reality.

“They drastically reduced the hours they spent working, while actually increasing their productivity and income. They learned to create a simple action-plan to reach their goals.

“All WITHOUT sacrificing their family, friends, health and fun! I know it will help you *fill in the blank with your friend’s wildest dreams*

For the friend who’s ready to “throw in the towel” on their business…

Why they want it: Cultivating prospects and closing sales are a business owner’s most indispensable skills. Generating sales represents the life-blood of any business, and our Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions will revolutionize your friend’s sales forever.

The straight-to-the-brain delivery system breaks down Dani’s methods and makes sales easy. No more phone fear, and no more hesitation when it comes to asking the closing question!

How to give it: “I know you put your blood, sweat and tears into your business, and I would hate to see you give up on your dreams. You are so capable of creating the success you seek.

“Look, Dani Johnson was homeless – with $2.03 to her name – and created a business out of the trunk of her car and became a millionaire. She has over a 90% closing ratio, and she shares everything she learned right here.

“I believe in you, and I know you can implement these strategies to make a ton of money in your business.”

For your brother in management, trying to motivate his employees….


Your sister, who’s knocking on the door of divorce….


ANYONE you know who struggles with relationships….

Why they want it: Who doesn’t want more peace in their life?!? GEMS Mastery will not only give them insights into their own personality, but the personalities of everyone around them. Instead of butting heads with coworkers, friends and family members, they’ll learn how to find common ground and bring out the best in everyone.

How to give it: You want to give this particular gift based on your friend’s greatest source of relationship frustration. If it’s his coworkers or employees, paint a picture of improved office dynamics, harmony and productivity.

If it’s her marriage, explain she will dissolve arguments, while establishing peace and harmony in her home. She will learn how to get her point across to her husband and understand the meaning behind his words and actions.

If it’s extended family members, friends, a boss, or acquaintance, let your friend know this tool is their key to becoming ANYONE’S favorite person. It will lead to a deeper understanding of what motivates people, what makes them tick and how to speak their unique language.

For someone who could use MORE…

…more hope, money, and transformation in every area of their life – your hairdresser, your accountant, the woman in the grocery store checkout line, that random stranger on the street.

Why they want it: These books bring lasting change, by laying the foundation for a transformed life… a life with more peace, more money, more free-time and more FUN! They’re filled with proven strategies, tried-and-true wisdom, and easy-to-apply systems to build wealth.

How to give it: Any way you want! You can hand it to a stranger, package a bundle for a friend or family member or buy in bulk for your whole team. Your gift will change their life!

Get your hands on these amazing gifts to help your friends (or yourself!) make next year their most effective, peaceful and best year yet!

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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