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3 Easy Ways To Kiss Workplace Stress Goodbye

It’s Sunday evening, and as much as you want to relax and enjoy your last few hours of rest before the work week picks up again, your anxiety is already […]

It’s Sunday evening, and as much as you want to relax and enjoy your last few hours of rest before the work week picks up again, your anxiety is already rising.

Your mind is spinning with all the tasks on your plate. That pressure is building. Your heart is racing. You feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest. You are dreading the week, wishing there was more to life.

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Sound familiar to you? It does for most Americans. The American Psychology Association reports that 77% of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. In fact, the Center For Disease Control estimates that 7 people die of stress every two seconds. Stress can wreak havoc on every area of your life. It seeps into your marriage, your sex life, your parenting, your health and your work.

Imagine what your life would look like free from that stress. You work through your days confidently and go home at the end of the day feeling accomplished. You aren’t losing sleep thinking about your finances, or your to-do list.

You aren’t locked in a battle with your boss, or your coworkers, or your spouse or your kids. You’re not walking on eggshells, terrified of letting people down. You are relieved of the pressure and the torment of constant stress.

You can choose that life. Most people blame their external circumstances for the stress in their life. They wait for a change to happen in their home or in their workplace to take away the stress. That is a strategy for failure, friend.

There will always be circumstances in your life that cause stress. The trick is learning to navigate those circumstances without allowing them to overwhelm you. Here are three simple strategies to conquer stress and start enjoying your life.

1. Set Boundaries

Whether you are a manager, an employee for a business or work at home, it’s important to set boundaries for your work time. If you are working seven days a week, putting in 10, 12 or even 15 hour days, you are weakening your mind.

What message does that send to your wife or husband? What message does that send to your kids? What does it say about you?

Part of being a good employee and respecting your employer or your business is setting aside time to rest, refresh your mind and have fun. You will return to work with a clear head, feeling focused and energized and ready to take on challenges.

If you feel pressure to work outside of your scheduled work hours, ask yourself if you are the one piling on that pressure. Are you wasting time on inefficient tasks during your work hours?

Are you doing personal tasks during your work hours? Are you setting unrealistic goals for yourself or for your company? Can you delegate tasks and raise up leaders in your organization to help carry the load?

There may be occasions to work longer hours or spend time catching up, but hustling 24/7 is never a long-term solution to success. When I was 24 years old, I was working 100 hours a week running two companies, neglecting my young children and abandoning my husband. I was a slave to money and business.

And, I was miserable. I was running myself ragged because I was afraid of failing. I wanted to save my company, but the truth is I was not in control of that. Driving myself to a nervous breakdown and a suicide attempt made it clear that working like that is not worth it. That’s not the life I wanted. Who cares if the business fails.

I challenge you to set hard boundaries for your working hours this month. Set appointments for each task that needs to get done, and if it doesn’t fit into those hours, re-prioritize. You will be amazed how much more you get done, and how much pressure lifts off your shoulders.

2. Define Your Wins

In our company, we have team goals, we have department goals, and each individual team member has a way to measure their progress toward contributing to those goals. At the end of every day, each person knows if they had a win that day.

When people have a way to succeed, they will work toward that. If you are a manager, communicate your vision to your team, and ask them how they see themselves contributing to that vision.

Ask questions. Allow your team to tell you what their strengths are and design their vision for their position. Ask them what they feel good about achieving. You will see team morale and productivity explode.

If you are working for someone, go to your manager and ask what you can do to help move the company forward. Discover the expectations for your position. You might find that what you are doing in your day-to-day job is way off base from what your manager actually wants. Then you can move forward in peace, knowing you are working toward delivering what is expected.

You might also find that you are overestimating what your manager expects from your position. You might go home every day feeling like a failure, but your boss thinks you are amazing. The key is communication. That’s how you play to win as a team.

Just pick a measurable desired outcome for each workday, and track it. This gives you an opportunity to leave your work feeling satisfied with the work you did and also helps you refocus when you get off base. It eliminates the guesswork and the constant trudging through your workload unsure about whether you are actually getting anything done.

3. Let Go Of Fear

What are you afraid of today? Are you afraid of letting people down? Are you afraid of not living up to your potential? Are you afraid of getting hurt? Are you afraid of not making enough money? Are you afraid of failure? If you want to live in peace, you have to let go of that fear.

Fear is a tormentor. Fear is heavy, exhausting, crushing and robs you of confidence. Fear is a liar. Fear is also pride. Fear is thinking higher of yourself than you are.

Friend, nothing you can do today is catastrophic. Fear says you must do everything yourself, you must do it perfectly all the time and if you don’t, everything will fall apart.

Release that chokehold. I worked in fear for years, and it will drive you to your grave. The greatest success book ever written says to wait in hopeful expectation for good things.

You will mess up. You will. You will make a mess. You will let people down. You are not perfect. And that’s okay. Embrace your weaknesses, admit your wrongs and continue working with humility and excellence.

You are no longer seeking self-worth in how much money you make, or how well your business is doing or whether you met everyone’s expectations that day.

The result is peace. The result is more money. The result is growth in your business. The result is better relationships. The result is freedom!

You were not designed to live under the burden of stress. You were designed to conquer and overcome those circumstances. There is something inside of you telling you that there is a better way, and you have taken steps toward finding that better way today.

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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