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Are You Passing Down The Pain Of “Stressmas” To Your Kids?


Last year a coworker was running an errand the Saturday after Thanksgiving at our local Walmart. The store was still chaotic from the Black Friday weekend, and he heard a woman on the phone yelling and cussing as she tried to figure out the exact items on her daughter’s Christmas list.

She was clearly not enjoying herself, and just wanted to be out of the store. Have you ever felt that way? Earlier this week we shared that 85% of people would opt out of buying gifts altogether if they could. Yet, they continue to do it.

In today’s episode of The Dani Johnson Show, we’re going to take a good hard look at what kind of example we set for our kids when we allow the stress of the holiday season to rule our lives for the weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why kids’ behavior gets worse during the holidays, and how you could actually be provoking their disobedience.
  • How to evaluate the example you’ve been setting, and how to decide what kind of example you want to set.
  • A powerful script to completely change your family dynamics during the holiday season, and truly make it a time that brings you closer together.

Additional Resources:

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Click here to get Grooming the Next Generation For Success and gain the tools to create family harmony and pass along the right skills to the next generation.

Thanks for joining us today! If you know someone who could use these same tools, share this post on Facebook and let us know what you thought about today’s show!

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