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Client Story: James & Taryn Leiker

Have you ever thought, “If I just made a ton of money, all my problems will go away”? James and Taryn Leiker were making a ton of money, and they […]

Have you ever thought, “If I just made a ton of money, all my problems will go away”? James and Taryn Leiker were making a ton of money, and they had a ton of problems.

“Our finances were great. But, we were stressed out. We were working harder every single year trying to maintain a status we didn’t even know we were trying to maintain. We were always at each other’s throats, our kids walked around on eggshells constantly afraid of setting us off, and we were spending all the money we made,” Taryn said.

Even though they earned a great income, James and Taryn squandered it all on their lifestyle

“We were buying people dinner, paying for trips, paying for plane tickets, buying expensive gifts. All the things we are told successful people do,” Taryn said.

Their business kept growing, but the bank balance didn’t. Meanwhile, their relationship with each other and with their kids was almost non-existent. Taryn was struggling with depression and felt inadequate as a mom.

“I was so depressed I would just snap. James was the one who raised our kids. He got up with them at night. He took care of them when they were sick. I went out and made the income, and I knew that was something I could do well. I truly thought he made a better mom than I did. I thought they were in better hands,” Taryn said.

At home, they were ships passing in the night. One of them would get back from work, and the other would leave. Even though they were equal partners in business, James felt like an employee.

“She was in control. In the morning I would get my schedule for the day. I didn’t have any say,” James said.

Eventually, their flourishing business plateaued. A colleague told them about a 3-day live training seminar called First Steps To Success that would help them reach new heights in their business.

“We were still doing really well, but it was like hey why isn’t our business climbing when we are putting all this work into it. There should be a higher payoff. A friend asked us to come to this conference by Dani Johnson. He sold us on making more money,” James said.

James and Taryn attended First Steps To Success together and walked away with significantly more than strategies to make more money in their business.

“There was so much more that needed to change. We are either going to get these priorities in line, or stuff is going to keep sucking.  God, each other, our kids, and everything else falls into line. I thought I was honoring my husband when really I was emasculating him. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain by following directions. We kept learning and applying everything we could,” Taryn said.

Right away, their lives began to change. Their focus changed immediately, which changed the way they were spending their money and time.

“We realized how selfish we had been in our finances. It didn’t matter how much money we made, it mattered how much money we kept. We found ways to cut our spending, increased our assets by 11 fold and paid off our mortgage,” Taryn said.

James and Taryn went from working five jobs between the two of them to a multi-six figure salary. AND Taryn cut back her hours from 60-70 hours a week down to 20 hours per week.

The way they viewed each other’s roles in their family changed and they began to prioritize their marriage and kids over the business. They grew closer, and their relationship got exciting and passionate again.

“Before, I was extremely lonely. I was receiving praise from all these other outside sources, but not from my husband. Now we actually talk through things, and I focus on doing things for him. I get dressed up. I cook dinner,” Taryn said.

“I used to not want to come home from work. I didn’t want to see her. Now it’s like I can’t wait to get home and see what she’s wearing,” James said.

Even more profound is the difference in their relationship with their kids. After seeing how they had benefited from First Steps To Success, James and Taryn decided to bring their kids to an event. They knew getting them straight in front of the information would have the most impact. But even they weren’t prepared for the truly amazing results!

“Our daughter started a business selling homemade laundry detergent to give the proceeds to build houses for the extreme poor in Nicaragua. She schooled us. In seven months she made $28,000. She pulled her brother in by encouraging his strengths, and we went to Nicaragua to see the homes we built this summer,” Taryn said.

Instead of obsessing over the amount of money coming in, now James and Taryn challenge themselves to see how much they can give away. Seeing themselves as part of the larger picture has caused their income to grow exponentially. Their kids are now homeschooled, and Taryn is enjoying being that important influence of a mom to their children while still also working in the family business.

“We stopped taking bad advice from people who were doing great in business but struggling everywhere else. We found accountability. We found a coach and mentor that is going to call us out on our stuff,” James said.

James and Taryn stopped chasing society’s definition of success. They stopped sacrificing their marriage, their relationship with their kids and their mental health for more money in their business. Now, they are still making tons of money, but they have improved every other area of their life.

If you are at a standstill in your business, leading a lonely life, struggling in your relationships with your spouse, children, co-workers, feeling lost – thinking there HAS to be more to life than my circumstances right now, you have to get to the next First Steps To Success.

James and Taryn Leiker had measurable results within the first week after returning from the event. You can too- if you are ready and willing to take action. Get registered here right now.

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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