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Is Your WORK Telling You What You’re WORTH?

We live in a society that glorifies work. Often, it is the most important thing in our lives. And sure, it is great to feel accomplished after working hard all day.

But are you allowing your job or your role as a business owner to determine how you feel about you? That is a recipe for disaster. In this classic episode of The Dani Johnson Show, Dani helps you uncover what that looks like and why it sets you up for failure.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why allowing your identity to be tied up in your work is a roller coaster of emotions.
  • How to see work through a lens that allows you to keep your identity solid all the time.
  • The key to breaking free of performance-based acceptance period so you can live a fuller, happier life of FREEDOM.

Additional Resources:

First Steps To Wealth– Dani’s free book that breaks down exactly how she overcame her horrific obstacles and applied a few surprising techniques that took her from broke, homeless cocktail waitress to multi-millionaire entrepreneur, best-selling author, radio host and family woman.

LifeMap To Success – Learn how to live a life where you’re not just surviving, but THRIVING…with skills for any economy, peaceful relationships, inspiration to grow, and more than enough money to do what you love….while making a difference in the world.

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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