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Why So Many Christians Go Broke


Why is it that Christians sit in a pew Sunday after Sunday, and stay exactly the same? Why is it that Christians in the church actually have MORE debt than people outside the church? Why are so many Christians not financially independent?

For this episode, we asked our audience if they feel the training they got inside the church equipped them to succeed financially. Today, Dani is sharing the answers we got back.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How many churches managed to take the best success book ever written and skip over all the practical stuff about how to truly create wealth.
  • The two most popular teachings on money inside the church, and why they are BOTH wrong.
  • Why it’s important to discover what God says about money for yourself, and where to start.

Additional Resources:

First Steps To Wealth- Dani’s free book that breaks down exactly how she overcame her horrific obstacles and applied a few surprising techniques that took her from broke, homeless cocktail waitress to multi-millionaire entrepreneur, best-selling author, radio host and family woman.

GEMS- The simplest guide to understanding human beings that has ever been created. By shattering myths about human behavior, Dani empowers you to find harmony and common ground with anyone.

10-Step War On Debt Battle Plan: This step-by-step program will teach you how to take control of your finances, annihilate your debt and stop worrying how you’re going to cover the bills every month. By the end, you will be fully equipped to live a life of financial freedom. In fact, the tools in this system are what allowed Dani and Hans to build their dream home.

Thanks for joining us today! If you know someone who could use these same tools, share this post on Facebook, and head over to iTunes to leave a review and let us know what you thought about today’s show!

(P.S., not an iTunes user? No problem. There are apps for your smart devices called “podcatchers” that allow you to download and listen to podcasts. These apps often notify you when a new episode is available, or automatically download new episodes of podcasts you’ve subscribed to. For Android, we recommend Pocket Casts. For Android or iOS, check out Acast. And of course, every episode is available right here at!)

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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