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How stressful times bring out the best (and worst) in others

Most of the people you know are going to respond in a certain way to stress and stressful times, depending on their personality. We are all human, and have normal […]

Most of the people you know are going to respond in a certain way to stress and stressful times, depending on their personality. We are all human, and have normal human emotions, especially during a time of pressure. Right now, a lot of people are what we call “over capacity”. Even if everyone else around you has mastered tools of successfully relating to people, we will tend to drop back to our default reaction mode, which might not be very friendly. The crazier things get around us, the more we need to be ready to handle that. Our family and coworkers need us to have reasonable expectations of them, especially when there is uncertainty or stress in our lives.

What does that look like for you during a stressful time?

Well, if you are feeling, or seeing in others, these things, that’s a sign of over capacity – anxiety, fear, doubt, anger, rage. (And well, aren’t we all?) So let’s be prepared for this in other people and give each other some grace.

First, reference the list below of the different personalities and how to identify and work with them.

The more you understand the way they will likely react to the pressure of stress, the more graceful your response will be (and the same will be true back to you).


  • Pretend the cause of stress is not there
  • Make jokes and find a way to laugh

A mature Sapphire, someone who has been working on their reactions, will look for the light in the darkness and let that be their motivation. They will find ways to encourage others.

Give them the space to be encouraging and fun, knowing that they are not being stupid or frivolous. This is the way they cope with hard times.


  • Retreat inside themselves
  • Act like a mother hen to gather the chicks under the next, possibly seeming over protective to others

A mature Pearl will look for ways to take care of others and be a strong place of refuge for others. They will be the one making meals and gathering food.

Be understanding if it’s their nature to want to take care of everyone and make sure everyone is safe. This brings them comfort.


  • Will tend to be the naysayers, the doomsdayers.
  • Find all the possible problems and worst outcomes

A mature Emerald will provide solutions with the problems. They will be the ones most prepared in a time of need, having all the supplies ready and have the resources to help others.

Be patient with them if they have a tendency to say “You should have prepared” and realize they have been looking at these types of scenarios for a while. To them, it’s obvious how to respond to a time of need.


  • Take fast and decisive action, sometimes before they think it through
  • May seem cold and uncompassionate

A mature Ruby may look for opportunities in this time so they can come out ahead when it is over. They will also be the one leading the charge to deal with the problem or motivating people to act, but they need the ones who are organized, compassionate, and encouraging to get it done.

Be patient with them if they seem to move too fast or look to you like opportunists. They see a different endgame than others.

In short, all the different personalities (we call them GEMS®) can work together at any time, but in a time of crisis, we all need to understand what it looks like to be overcapacity. We’re all human. Let’s be human together. .

Who is surrounding you? Identify different types of people:

The spontaneous, fun one – Sapphire

  • Motivated by FUN
  • Spontaneous and creative
  • The best promoters
  • Great delegators
  • Wear bright clothing and trendy jewelry
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Enthusiastic, long handshakes
  • Most likely to hug or want to be close to others
  • Desk or bedroom is cluttered
  • Love them by encouraging and giving them recognition

The nurturing, cause oriented one – Pearl

  • Motivated by a CAUSE
  • Thoughtful, sympathetic & nurturing
  • Appreciate personal touch
  • Keep long-term relationships
  • Love to serve others
  • Very dependable
  • Gentle handshake
  • Desk or home will be full of family photos and sentimental momentos
  • Love them by spending time with them and listening to their stories

The organized, detail oriented one – Emerald

  • Motivated by FACTS & FIGURES
  • Enjoy instruction
  • Very organized and planned out
  • They follow up and through
  • Precise and accurate
  • Analytical
  • Researchers and thinkers
  • Extremely dependable
  • Desk or home will be orderly and well kept
  • Honor them by keeping things neat and tidy

The goal and money oriented one – Ruby

  • Motivated by a CHALLENGE
  • Powerful and authoritative
  • Strong leaders
  • Bold and outspoken
  • Confident
  • Risk-takers
  • Like to be in control
  • Natural winners
  • Take the lead in conversations
  • Desk or home may be slightly cluttered but with inspiring art or quotes
  • Honor them by recognizing their achievements

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Dani has been through 5 decades of storms in business and relationships, including abuse, embezzlement, homelessness, and divorce. She’s pulled from her experience to gather this information for you in this time.

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

Get The Map

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

Get The Map