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UNTIL You Make Peace With Your Money, You’ll Have No Peace In Your Marriage!

I’m sure you’ve heard the statistics, listing money as THE leading cause of stress in relationships. Everyone knows it… and probably lived it at least once. But “knowing” it is one thing – now, what are you doing about it? Have financial stress, worry and arguments invaded your relationships? Aren’t you ready to dump the “dollar drama” and finally tackle these issues, once and for all?! Then DON’T MISS this classic episode of The Dani Johnson Show, as Dani lets you in on the secret to bring peace into your money and your marriage!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What happens when you and your spouse declare War On Debt.
  • How to become a champion financially and win in your marriage.
  • Why it is so important to have a financial vision and system for your family’s finances.

Additional Resources

The Marriage Reset: From Obligation To Adventure- This power-packed video training gives you the foundational skills for a thriving marriage. See, no one taught us how to have a great marriage. This course is everything we SHOULD have learned, but didn’t. By the end, you’ll be fully equipped to set you up to improve your marriage, save a failing marriage or take a great marriage to a whole new level. And if you are NOT married? Well The Marriage Reset can give you the tools to be ready to ask the questions necessary for a GREAT marriage from the start!

First Steps To Success — You have the power to thrive and claim a life of enjoyment – regardless of the circumstance. You can create success in your business or career right now. Your relationships and marriage can thrive. You can be unstoppable – no matter what your life looks like today, the power to create a better tomorrow starts now. During First Steps To Success, Dani helps you get unstuck so you can claim the life of freedom that you deserve. Join us…you have nothing to lose!

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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