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Spiritual Equipping in the Marketplace Live

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Ready for change?

Are you looking to get past what is keeping you stuck?

Friend sometimes we have all the pieces we think we need, but there is just SOMETHING keeping us from moving forward. Maybe it’s the worry of paying the bills this month. Maybe it’s feeling like you are going in circles in your relationships. Maybe you have a dream to really give big to change the world and instead are living paycheck to paycheck.

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If you are feeling like you are just missing out, your next step is to attend Spiritual Equipping in the Marketplace Live.

We are offering you TWO options to be a part of this life-changing training….live or online.

Join us live on Friday evening to experience it for yourself and walk away with a renewed spirit and the path to an abundant life.

Can’t make it in person? Join us online for this special broadcast.

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Event Details

April 24th, 2020

Hilton Orlando Lake Bueno Vista
1751 Hotel Plaza Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32830

Event starts at 7:00pm – Admission is FREE

For more information call 866.760.8255


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Conquering The Financial Kingdom

Discover the 10 Step Wealth Formula and the seven habits that lead to poverty and financial hardship.

Conquering The Financial Kingdom

Thousands of people have successfully used Dani Johnson’s Conquering the Financial Kingdom to learn the 7 habits that lead to poverty and financial struggle and discover the 10 Step Wealth Formula to create prosperity and success in their lives. This powerful audio delivers a biblical perspective on financial stewardship that you can’t miss!

Remember, only those that RSVP will qualify for a free CD! So RSVP above to claim your gift!

What Others Are Saying

“Your spiritual equipping training was much more powerful than I ever could have imagined. I had no idea when I walked in that night that I would be accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior.”
~ Cilia Baker

“Dani’s presentation, her realism. She was very informative. My life was very impacted by the spiritual equipping service. I am inspired to better myself and fulfill the purpose God has designed me for.”
~ Naomi Frazier

“I was bound up spiritually, emotionally and financially. I was raised with a poverty mindset that caused me to sabotage every effort I made to become successful. Dani has given me a completely new mindset about success. I have been set free in every area as she has spoken truth over my life. I am living in complete freedom and victory with the ability to run, without hindrance, towards the future I know God has for me. I now am bearing fruit as a Christian while I am living in the fullness of all that God has created me to be.”
~ Stephanie Bradley

“Dani‚ I was gripped by the depth and intensity of your belief. Your delivery of the scriptural activities that lead to poverty or wealth has changed the internal blueprint of my perception of wealth.”
~ Lennie Parker

“I am a married mother of five. I had no time‚ no freedom‚ my family life seemed so empty… After listening to Dani Johnson‚ I paid off a six-figure debt‚ I have a passionate relationship with my husband, and I have children who are being groomed for success‚ not the poverty mindset that I came from.”
~ Renae Heikkila