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Digby King-Adams

Digby King-Adams didn't feel like a provider for his family. He felt useless. He felt lost and confused. Today, he takes care of his family, travels the world and inspires others.

Digby King-Adams thought he had scored a sweet deal when he moved from New Zealand to Australia.

Because he was considered a low-wage earner and he and his wife had four kids, the government provided them with welfare assistance.

“When I got there, the just started loading all this money on me. So I worked as little as I could. That had been the case for years.

Because hey, free money. I didn’t have a conscious about it then. Life is easy, why not take advantage of that and spend more time with my family,” Digby said.

Although Digby’s wife, Mandy, was happy he had time to spend with them, there wasn’t peace or happiness in the home.

“You are supposed to grow and get better. You might have excellent standards, but you don’t have the skills to maintain those standards. Then you get comfortable. You let those standards slip. Everything is on autopilot,” Digby said.

After nine years of living on autopilot and accepting government money to support his family. Digby knew he needed a change.

“I was a student. I was working part-time. I was really not feeling good about continuing to take money from the government. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling much like a provider.

There was no satisfaction in my life. I had no ownership over my money or my job. There was no satisfaction in knowing I earned my money through my labor, and my sweat and my skills.”

A friend from South Africa told Digby and Mandy about a First Steps To Success Encore Presentation that was coming to Australia.

First Steps To Success is a live 3-day business, money and relationship training seminar. Encore presentations bring replays of those training events around the world.

When the couple found out about the Encore presentation, Mandy asked to go as her birthday present in February of last year. In just a single year, Digby has watched an entirely new life unfold.

“What I heard in the presentation was vision. There were real-life people – some that were similar to me, and some that were in different industries but that I could still relate to. And my thought was, ‘Why not me?'” Digby said.

At the event, a father of eight children who was on welfare shared how he overcame his circumstances and did not just attain wealth, but more importantly had a fulfilling life full of joy and passion. That story ignited something inside of Digby.

“I think I was waiting for something. I was waiting for something to happen. I was waiting for my circumstances to change. I was waiting for the grass to just become greener. So I was at this crossroads. I wanted to have dreams and goals, but I was confused.

When I heard that story, I thought ‘What if that could be me? What if I could learn and grow and see my life flourish? See my family flourish. What if that was me?'”

In a single year, Digby has gotten off welfare, paid down $7,000 of debt and doubled his income.

“My focus and my commitment at work increased. I really wanted to blossom right where I was planted, instead of waiting for a great thing to fall out of the sky. Contributing to society and taking ownership of my job makes me feel valuable,” 

Digby now travels around the world attending events and investing in his skill sets. His life has meaning and purpose, and his family is no longer dependent on the government to pay the bills.

“Welfare had me at gunpoint. That system stops innovation. It stops hard work. It stops you choosing to move forward and embrace excellence and become a better person. I could have done so much more in those nine years. I shot myself in the foot. But not any longer.”

Friend, is there a dream inside of you? Maybe you’ve forgotten about your dreams and desires because life has just happened to you.

But there is a dream, there is a passion, there is a calling on your life. It’s time to unleash that potential and that dream deep down inside of you.

“If you know that there is something greater you can achieve. If you know there is something greater that needs to be pulled out of you, First Steps To Success will do that.”

Ask yourself the same questions Digby did. What if that could be me? What if I could live life exactly the way I design it? What are you waiting for, friend? Get registered for the next First Steps To Success right now.