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Dr. Mary Starr Carter

From burned-out workaholic with a flatlining business and lifeless marriage to successful businesswoman generating 7 figures in a single month with more free time and a passionate marriage.

That’s how dramatically Mary Starr Carter’s life changed after plugging into Dani’s live training, First Steps To Success. Before her first event,
Mary was floundering under a mountain of debt and pressure.

“I was working like a dog, and we were making a lot of money, about $8,000 a month. Our rent was $425 a month. But somehow we were going deeper into debt every single month. We owed $250,000 and owned nothing.”

The pressure and anxiety from their financial struggles seeped into Mary’s marriage to her Husband, Jay.

“We were having huge explosive money fights. I would have to come in and show him the account was $300 overdrawn. Jay would turn green, and then red, and I would get defensive. There was so much blame and tension in our marriage.”

Mary had a dream to make a ton of money in her business. She believed that money was the answer to all her problems.

“I had dream boards with magazine cutouts of huge houses and cars and all this expensive stuff.”

Not only did Mary have a desire to make a lot of money for herself, she also used her income as a way to make other people happy.

“I am a people pleaser. I always want to make everyone else around me happy. I was traveling a lot to train myself, and I would pay for my whole team to travel with me. I took my newbie sales representatives on vacation in Orlando. If someone’s car broke down, I would pay to get it fixed.”

She was putting everyone else’s needs before her family’s, leaving her finances and her marriage in ruins. Then she heard about Dani’s live training event, First Steps To Success. After attending their first event in 2007, Mary and Jay implemented just two of the strategies they learned from Dani.

“Immediately, there was so much peace and passion put back into our marriage. Our sex life got hot!”¬†

Mary and Jay began to unravel where the stress and strife in their lives were coming from. They trained consistently with Dani, attending live events for 2 1/2 years. In that time, they paid off $125,000 worth of debt, cut their working hours in half, increased their personal income by $30,000, infused their marriage with renewed passion and had their first baby.

“We stopped studying for five years, but in that five-year break, the tools and skills we learned at First Steps To Success grew our business revenue by $12,000 a month, and my husband increased his annual salary by $35,000 a year using products from”

Today, Mary has been to over 50 of Dani’s live training events. In the last 2 1/2 years, her business revenue grew by another $5000 increase a month, Jay landed a new job earning double his previous salary, they have grown their investments and assets by almost $150,000. They’ve paid off a total of $389,000 in debt, and Mary just had her first $1,000,000 sales month in November of 2017.

“I don’t even recognize my life. I’m going on dream vacations, I only work 12 hours a week. I have time to homeschool my kids and do other projects I’m passionate about. And the best part is, our marriage is amazing. There is peace in our house, and the amazing friendships in our life are incredible. I’m digging deep into understanding myself and growing in my relationship with my Lord and Savior.”

But Mary didn’t stop at transforming her own life. She has brought 250 people to events in 2017 ALONE. In the last ten years, she has helped thousands of family members, friends and business associates find solutions and change their lives.

Mary stopped chasing society’s definition of success¬†and designed her life according to her rules. If you want results like these, your next step is attending our next First Steps To Success live training event.