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Estella Heng

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like a VIP?

You’re the one all the event planners know. You skip long lines at the hottest clubs, get access to the best parties and hang out with the coolest people.

Sounds like a pretty sweet life, right?

Estella Heng lived that life.

In the moment, it felt like I was happy. I had a great job with a 401K, I was popular, I was partying every night. But I was doing it all for attention, admiration, acceptance and recognition.”

For several years, Estella kept chasing happiness by drinking, clubbing and sleeping around, until one day she realized she was depressed and tired of it.

“I remember it was on my birthday. We were celebrating my birthday all month long with rooftop pool parties, and VIP parties at clubs, and all this stuff. And I just stood in the middle of it going what is this all for? This does not bring me joy.”

What appeared to be an exciting, successful and enviable life on the outside, was actually pretty empty on the inside.

“I was $35K in debt. I was spending all my money stupidly on new clothes and shoes and trying to impress other people. And when I really stopped and looked at everything, I was depressed. I knew there had to be more to life.”

A business mentor of Estella’s had been encouraging her to attend a live training seminar called First Steps To Success with Dani Johnson, but for three and a half years, Estella had other plans.

“I didn’t want to invest in myself is really what it came down to. But finally, I was just so desperate. I saw stories from other people who went to the event and had their lives changed in all these different ways, so if they could change their lives, why couldn’t I change mine?”

Estella knew that she had nothing to lose by attending, so she took the leap and attended First Steps To Success in January of 2014.

“I didn’t realize how many excuses I was making for the things I was doing wrong. It was like I had been blind and all of a sudden I could see. I knew I needed to take ownership of my mistakes.”

Within the first six months after attending the event, Estella paid off all her debts, was given several raises and offered several new jobs. Her monthly salary became her weekly salary.

“I’m still in awe, honestly. What I used to strive for in an entire month working 50-60 hours – and sometimes even 70 or 80 hours, I made easily in a week. In a quarter of the hours. If that.”

Today, Estella is truly loving her life. She has way more freedom with her time. She is not buried under debt. She isn’t worried about impressing other people. Plus she is traveling the world and going on mission trips for causes close to her heart.

“My only regret is that I wish I would have gone to First Steps sooner. I wish I would have risen to the challenge when it was first presented to me. I don’t know where you are in your life right now. It might be great. But if you want more, better, greater things for your life, I suggest you register right now.”

Join Estella, and thousands of others who said “no more” to an empty, mediocre, meaningless life and decided to discover their “something more.”

Get registered for First Steps To Success right here.