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Greg & Melanie Greenough

"I remember driving through this mountain pass going back home, and I stopped at a coffee shop. I needed an answer right then...

I needed help. I literally could not lead another person down this path that we were on.”

Melanie Greenough and her husband Greg had built a successful network marketing business in Canada. Very successful, in fact. They were earning multiple six figures a year.

The year Melanie decided “no more” was actually their most successful year in business yet.

But, the financial success came at a high cost.

Greg and Melanie were living in separate cities, not because they didn’t love each other, but because they were working separately trying to build the business.

They were both working 100+ hours a week, and hardly ever spent time with their kids. Despite earning tons of money, they couldn’t figure out how to make a dent in their mountain of debt, and they hated a job they used to love.

“Everything sucked. We were owned by people. Here we are building this network marketing business pitching freedom, and we have none,” Greg said.

Melanie’s Google search at the coffee shop that day brought up a search result for Dani Johnson’s training event, First Steps To Success. Greg and Melanie attended the event and immediately started to have some major “aha!” moments.

“I personally tried to change too many things at once. But the first thing that stopped was the overspending. Well. It at least slowed to a trickle,” Greg said.

Greg and Melanie learned that in order to build a loyal team, they had to make life really good for their team members.

“We were spending $400-$500 on dinner three times a week. And it doesn’t actually work. You can’t buy anyone’s loyalty,” Greg said.

Within six months of attending First Steps To Success, they had sold one house and dramatically reduced their overhead costs. Eventually, they stopped working from the time their eyes opened in the morning to the time they went to bed at night.

“I didn’t think working like we were was putting stress on our marriage. Because I think of stress as us fighting and not getting along. It was putting that kind of stress on my relationships with my kids. And on my health. I almost died. It’s actually when I started to back off my hours that Greg and I had more stress,” Melanie said.

“I was afraid of it all going away. We had built something. We had this big business. I was afraid we would lose it all,” Greg said.

But as Greg and Melanie continued to apply what they learned from Dani, they saw more and more changes in their stress level, in the amount of debt they carried, in their health and in their relationships.

“Greg felt like he had to work like that. He felt like if he didn’t succeed at building that business and didn’t make that kind of money, he wasn’t worth anything. He felt like he was failing as a leader. We all have that. Those deep voids. And so we shovel stuff into that void, but we can only do that for so long before it stops filling you,” Melanie said.

Today, Greg only works 20-25 hours a week. Melanie is working 30 hours a week in her dream freelance consulting business. They have paid off $500K in debt over the last ten years and have multiple income producing assets.

“I’ve got a spending addiction still – like I always have. But now I’m just spending on assets that make us money. I think the best word for how I feel now compared to how we felt when we first came to First Steps To Success is liberated,” Greg said.

Not only do they still have incredibly successful businesses running on much less of their own personal time, but their marriage is better than ever. Melanie is healthy, and loves getting to spend time with her kids. 

“A foundation has been laid through all the training we got at First Steps To Success. What we learned from Dani’s trainings is life-altering. And, not only that,  but to find a leader that is not driven by getting money out our pocket and into hers, but is actually more interested in giving and helping others, that’s everything,” Melanie said.

Friend, if you are happy working 100+ hours a week for $100K a year, I am so glad you have found a lifestyle that works for you.

But, if you are like Melanie and Greg Greenough looking at your life wondering if it’s worth it. Looking at your life and saying, “No more. I know there is something better,” then you need to be at the NEXT First Steps To Success.

Grab your seat right here.