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Jen Horling

When Jen Horling was a freshman in college, she lost her dad to suicide.

“I remember coming back from class and a bunch of cars were lined up outside. I walk in and my mom has tears streaming down her face. I immediately began to cry even though I didn’t know what was going on. Her response just hit me like I had been shot in the lungs.”

Jen’s dad had shot himself in the head that afternoon. No note. No explanation. He was a fireman, a Vietnam veteran and Navy Seal. He had a great relationship with his wife and his kids.

“I was always blown away by the heart my dad had for other people. And that morning when I left for school, I had an interaction with him that felt out of the norm. He stopped me as I was going out of the house and grabbed me and said, ‘You know I love you.'”

So often, a young person’s response to tragedy is anger and bitterness. They get mad at life for handing them a raw deal, and they respond by partying and drinking and sleeping around. Jen was different.

“I remember later in the week just sobbing. And my face was all red and raw from all the crying. And I really truly feel like I heard God say to me, hey, it’s you and me, Jen. We got this. I’m not leaving you. I will not forsake you.”

For a while, Jen actually flourished. Her experience with tragedy made her passionate about caring for others who were going through difficult seasons. She was able to use the creativity she was born with to help other people through their tough stuff.

“But I kinda came to a place of being stuck, and I didn’t know why. I realized later that I was letting outside voices make me feel unsuccessful. I was looking at success – or what society calls success – and wondering why my life didn’t look like that. I didn’t even notice it happening.”

Then Jen heard about a live training seminar called First Steps To Success. She was inspired by the big results people were getting after attending the event.

“The people around me were content with where they were. But I knew God wasn’t done with me yet. He had something very specific on my heart for people that was a lot bigger than what I was living.”

Jen came to the event not entirely sure what to expect. But what she found was a community of people who were not content with the status quo. Who created their own definitions of success, and who encouraged the dream inside of her.

“I knew right away I had found what I was looking for, bot in the community and in the coaching. I found a mentor that dreamed crazy big.”

Jen had known all along where she was going, First Steps To Success just equipped her with the tools and the steps to actually get there. She began applying the skills she learned immediately and saw results right away.

“Within a couple weeks I got hired to work on a music video with an A-lister. If I said his name you would know who he is. There wasn’t even a position open, but I built a relationship with the guy in charge of the project, and he paid me money out of his own money to come and work on it.”

That job immediately led to another job working on a Chinese feature film. Which snowballed into more offers for more jobs.

“I’ve paid off $4,000 in debt in four months. What I usually make in about four months, I made in a month. I’m on track to make way more than I’ve ever made. I have new gigs and clients all over the place.”

If you, like Jen, know that there’s something more out there for you. If you are tired of letting other people make you feel like you aren’t successful because you don’t fit into their box. If you want to put life back into your dreams, and you need a plan to reach them, then get registered for the next First Steps To Success.

“We all wrestle with questions in our head about whether or not it’s going to be for us or if it’s going to work or is it going to be worth it. My advice is don’t. Get off the fence. You have unsettled dreams inside of you, too. Come experience it for yourself. New doors are gonna open.”