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Neal & Kerry Goren

Think back to when you were a little kid.

How did you see your future then? What about when you were a teenager? Early 20s? A newlywed?

What kinds of dreams, ideas and visions did you have for your life? Now, what life are you living today?

For many of us, the big dreams and visions we had as kids start to shrink as we get older. We settle into routines. Things get boring. All of a sudden our entire life looks something like this:

  • Wake up at the crack of dawn.
  • Struggle through a stressful workday.
  • Worry because there’s not enough money.
  • Come home and fight with your spouse because there’s not enough money.
  • Get frustrated with your kids.
  • Suffer through an uncomfortable dinner.
  • Watch TV (Or work even more hours trying to make more money).
  • Go to bed. Do it all over.

Any of that sound familiar? It does to Neal and Kerry Goren.

“Everything was hand to mouth. That’s how we were dealing with life. It was like just trying to pay the bills. All our fights were about that,” Neal said.

Kerry was putting pressure on Neal to make more money to support them as Neal worked long hours in thankless positions. Throughout their marriage, he advanced his career and did grow their income. But as the money coming in increased, so did the debt.

“I really was just not very nice to be around. I would say things like, ‘You call this provision?’ Kerry said.

At the same time, Kerry was running a network marketing business and trying to convince her husband to help her.

“He would come home from a full day of work, and I would make him do all the stuff I didn’t want to do. He hated it,” Kerry said.

As she researched ways to grow her business, she discovered After reading a few books and using Dani’s resources for a few months, Kerry decided it was time to go after some big changes in their lives.

“I was so tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck. I was tired of not having a great relationship with my husband. I was tired of him being at work and me being at home taking care of the kids. I just got tired of fighting about money,” Kerry said.

Kerry registered her, Neal and their son for First Steps To Success, a 3-day live training seminar, in January of 2013.

“I physically dragged them to the event. They did not want to go,” Kerry said.

But that weekend massively impacted their lives.

“The first thing we decided we got out of it was the debt issue. That hit us between the eyes. The more money we started making, the more debt we got into,” Neal said.

Within eight months, they had paid off $38,000 in debt and have been debt free ever since.

“It was not easy at first. I remember my heart sinking when we had to get rid of our cable. But then six months later our kids were like yeah I really don’t miss TV anymore. You just start to see it all differently,” Kerry said.

Not only did they pay off all their debt, Kerry has since used the skills she learned at First Steps To Success to build an
E-commerce business that has produced $4.5 million dollars in sales in two years.

“When I first told my husband what I was thinking, I wanted him to help. And he was like no way, that’s your deal. I stopped being afraid and partnered up with a good friend,” Kerry said.

The profits from the business allowed Neal to retire, and he is now the COO of the company.

Neal and Kerry’s marriage is better than ever, and they recently renewed their vows on a dream trip to Israel with their two teenaged kids and 100 of our other clients.

“The whole thing is so outrageous. We knew there was more, but we didn’t have any idea how much more. First Steps To Success has forever changed our lives,” Kerry said.

Neal and Kerry knew that there was more to life than those bullet points up there, and First Steps To Success helped them discover how to reimagine their lives and start living it on their terms.

Maybe your life is awesome. Your marriage is deep and passionate, you are making a ton of money in your dream career and you get along great with your well-behaved kids. But if your life is looking a little more like Neal and Kerry’s was, you need to get registered for First Steps To Success right now.