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Regina Thompson

In a single evening, Regina Thompson's life turned into a nightmare. Find out how she overcame a horrific tragedy and went from complete devastation to thriving.

In a single evening, Regina Thompson’s life turned into a nightmare. When her husband didn’t come home from a swim after work, Regina put her two young kids in the car and drove to the lake to check on him.

“At first I thought okay, maybe he just decided to do an extra long swim. He was building endurance for a half Ironman competition. I fed the kids dinner, and he still wasn’t home. And then it started to get dark, and he doesn’t swim in the dark. I knew something was wrong.”

When she arrived at the lake, she found her husband’s car with his towel still neatly folded in the backseat. But he was nowhere to be found.

Regina called the police and after 36 agonizing hours, his body floated to the top of the lake. He had died of an accidental drowning.

“I was shattered. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to live without the love of my life. I was overwhelmed by managing all of the responsibilities of life without my partner.”

The stress and emotional burden of adjusting from her thriving marriage with the love of her life to becoming a widow and single mom of two young kids took a heavy toll on Regina’s life. Although she was debt-free, her spending was exceeding her income (“She was hemorrhaging money every month” may be a better word picture). Her business was spiraling downward, and she had become a mom she didn’t recognize.

“I was in survival mode. It was like there was barely anything left of the person I was before my husband died. Instead of reading bedtime stories to my kids, I was yelling at them to just get in bed and go to sleep. Even a simple task like taking out the trash was overwhelming to me. It took almost three years for me to even start to see the light again.”

Regina made the decision to leave her career in the fitness industry and try something new. A colleague told her about, and she began to research the training, hoping to learn some new business skills.

“I really vet out the people that I listen to and let coach me, and when I heard some of the sound bites on the website, I said man forget business. I need Dani for my life! I had been praying for an overhaul and a miracle. I knew I would not survive without a drastic change.”

A few weeks after hearing about Dani Johnson for the first time, Regina registered for a live training seminar, First Steps To Success. Her results were immediate.

“Within the first three months after the event, my life was turning around. Within six months, I didn’t recognize it anymore. The very first thing that changed was my relationship with my kids. I started understanding their unique personalities and supporting and encouraging them for who they are. I really regained my position as a parent and actually started showing love to my kids again.”

Regina went through every training product in the Dani Johnson library and started applying everything she learned.

Those skills taught her to use her time efficiently and effectively. They helped her overcome feeling overwhelmed by her responsibilities as a single mom and sole provider for her family.

“I’m the type of person that likes to get stuff done. And I will try and do everything all on my own, which a lot of times landed me flat on my back and burnt out. Now I know how to pace myself and take time to rest. And I actually get more done now.”

The new strategies not only helped her physically and emotionally but also had a direct result on her career and finances.

“I learned how to manage my money responsibly and without stress. I started a new business, and within one year of starting, I quadrupled my income. I just had to follow directions, and everything clipped along. I started buying real estate and am building wealth that will far outlive me.”

The circumstances in Regina’s life were devastating. She could have so easily allowed those circumstances to leave her wrecked for the rest of her life. But, Regina decided to rewrite her story and stop simply surviving. She found a system that works at First Steps To Success.

“I didn’t want to barely make it by anymore. I went from surviving to truly thriving and loving my life again. And it was so easy. All I had to do was show up, follow instructions and take action and my life is unrecognizable. If you want to rewrite your story, get registered for First Steps To Success.”