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Robert & Olga Cote

They were teetering on the edge of divorce, their finances were a disaster and they didn't know how to parent their daughter. But Robert and Olga Cote refused to give up.

In our culture, it is the norm to give up when things get hard. More than half of marriages end up in divorce. But Robert and Olga Cote refused to give up when things got tough. Just a little over a year ago, the Cotes were teetering on the edge of divorce, their finances were a disaster and they didn’t know how to parent their daughter.

“We were drowning in debt. My wife and I couldn’t even stand to be in the same room together. We were fighting and bickering constantly. We buried ourselves in our business, invested more than we made, and basically ignored our daughter,” Robert said.

Robert and Olga knew something had to change. A friend was running local War On Debt classes, a Dani Johnson training to take control of finances, and Olga decided to attend. Through that training, the Cotes learned how to become more responsible stewards of their money. However, their relationship was still struggling.

“We were speaking English, but it was like we were speaking two different languages. Most of the fights I initiated. My husband is not the type of person to do that sort of thing. I wanted to get something juicy out of it. I wanted to get my emotions out and blame another person instead of taking responsibility,” Olga said.

Even though deep down she desired to take care of her home and her family, she was working 70-80 hours a week, and she delegated that responsibility to Robert and her mom.

“I felt all this pressure, and even though I knew in my heart it was my job, I didn’t clean things up, I didn’t cook on time, I didn’t make the bed, I didn’t get our child ready for school. I would get upset and angry at Robert and say ‘Hey why didn’t you help our child with her homework.’ I had our roles mixed up,” Olga said.

The confusion over who should play what role resulted in a home full of disconnect, dissatisfaction and frustration. Dani’s War On Debt training had a huge impact on their finances, so they made the decision to attend her 3-day live training seminar, First Steps To Success to work on their communication skills.

“We wanted to get away for a weekend, just the two of us, and we knew we needed to get to First Steps To Success. We planned to attend January of 2017,” Olga said.

In just one year, their lives have completely transformed.

“I remember sitting there wishing we were like those people on stage sharing all their stories. I couldn’t imagine it being us because we were so far from it. But looking back at the progress over this year it’s like oh my gosh. Everything is different,” Robert said.

They invested in The Dani Johnson University,┬áthe complete library of Dani Johnson resources, and began applying each of Dani’s training systems to every area of their lives. They have paid off $489,000 worth of debt, have income-producing assets, their marriage is completely restored, and they are actually acting like parents to their 7-year-old daughter.

“Our daughter suffered from extreme anxiety. She was having panic attacks almost every day. We implemented the skills we learned and saw a difference within a week or two. Now she is a normal 7-year-old little girl. She couldn’t be happier,” Robert said.

Today, Robert and Olga are especially focused on learning the skills to rebuild and restore their marriage. They are understanding each other better than they ever have before.

“We were desperate, and First Steps To Success is what changed everything for us. For me in particular. I understand personalities now. I recognize my wife’s language and understand what my child was going through. I’m focused on stepping into the role God has put me on earth to fulfill as a father providing for his family,” Robert said.

Desperation does something inside of us. It causes us to step up, step out and do something different. If you feel that desperation that Robert and Olga felt, if you are constantly at your spouse’s throat, if you are feeling crushed by pressure and worry, if you are struggling to understand and support your child, if you need a change in your life, step up and get registered for First Steps To Success today.