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Shanda Wright

Shanda Wright was $100,000 in debt as a single woman. She felt completely suffocated by her debt, was unhealthy, struggling with her weight and battling crippling depression.

“When you make good money, they like loaning you a lot of money. We are so trained to expect to have debt in our lives. I didn’t have another plan. It was just taking from one pot and putting it into another, but I was never getting ahead. I didn’t know what to do and it was terrifying.”

Shanda was at war with herself and with everyone in her life. Even though her income was good, she hadn’t seen it increase for years, and her relationship with her Creator was nonexistent.

“I remember thinking ‘if this is what life is about, I don’t want it.'”

When a friend invited her to a First Steps To Success live training event, Shanda thought ‘why not?” and hopped on a plane to Washington D.C. She didn’t expect that weekend to totally turn her life around.

“Before the event, I was blaming external circumstances for the condition of my life. What I realized is that I am in control of my┬ápassion and my joy in life. I stopped seeing myself as the victim and started taking responsibility for my┬ádecisions.”

Shanda took action and started speaking to herself positively. She attended First Steps To Success for the first time in April of 2016, and in just 20 months, she has paid off every penny of her $100k debt, increased her income, decreased her monthly expenses, owns three rental properties and multiple other assets. She took the debt she was paying off and re-invested it in increasing her skill set.

“I totally changed how I approached my career. I started building and cultivating relationships. I have mended bridges with all the people in my life I was at war with.”

These changes in her mindset have led to big results. Shanda was recently nominated for the top 20 under 40 award in her city, she volunteers with the Chamber of Commerce, sits on the board for the young professional organization in her town, is sought out as a speaker and her boss recently wrote her a glowing testimonial. She has hosted War On Debt classes and helped 10 young professionals in her city increase their net worth by $50,000 in 90 days.

Her personal life has flourished, too. Shanda was baptized and is volunteering at her church. She has traveled 15 times in 18 months, visited Nicaragua and Thailand, helped build homes for the extreme poor and donated over $20,000 to helping orphans in Nicaragua, The Congo and Israel. She is traveling to Israel for the first time this spring.

“I am truly happy and loving life! I am healthy and strong, and I no longer feel suffocated by everything around me. When I was invited to First Steps To Success, my friend promised me I wouldn’t recognize my life, and I don’t recognize myself or my life. You can step up and choose a different reality!”

Every day, average people around the world are seeing their lives transformed. They are taking action, owning up to the mistakes of their past and reaching out to take hold of something better. Friend, this could be you. Get registered right now for First Steps To Success.