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Shane Roby

Wake up. Drag yourself to work. Spend every day frustrated because you have a passion and a vision that you aren't achieving. There is MORE to life!

Wake up. Drag yourself to work. Hide in your office and avoid conversation with your coworkers. Spend every day frustrated because you have a passion and a vision that you aren’t achieving. You feel unsatisfied with your personal relationships, with your health, with your life.

Have you ever felt that way? That’s where Shane Roby found himself until some friend invited him to attend a live coaching event, First Steps To Success.

“Walking away from that weekend, I knew I had finally found a mentor who would show me what I needed to learn and how to believe in myself.”

Not only that, Shane found a supportive community that embraced him in a way he had never experienced.

“At work, I would avoid conversations with my coworkers. They weren’t interested in my vision, so I wasn’t interested in talking to them. I would purposely avoid eye contact and gave one-word answers and hoped they would take the hint and leave me alone. But meeting people at the event, I found myself genuinely interested in hearing what they had to say. Sometimes they would ask about me, but I was able to sense when someone just wanted to talk, and I actually wanted to listen.”

After his experience at First Steps To Success, Shane took what he learned and applied it to a contentious relationship with a coworker.

“She came into my office, and before she left I looked her in the eyes and told her very genuinely that I appreciate her. She started crying, I started crying. We have a very good relationship now.”

Instead of feeling stuck and frustrated in his job, Shane is now working to become as valuable as possible to the company. He has restored other relationships with coworkers and is honoring his upper-management team.

Since attending his first event, he has paid off $25,000 in debt, set up a financial strategy to stay out of debt and is on track to become totally debt-free in October, 2018 (14 months after his first event). In addition, he is making health a priority and has lost 35 pounds in four months.

“I have a vision for building a media foundation that mentors the next generation who want to get into film and television in a safe environment. It is totally sexual harassment free, no paying to play. It will be a supportive community to help develop their vision and creative skills.”

Shane knew there was something burning deep inside of him, but it was buried under contempt, pride, debt and frustration. Now, Shane is thriving. Friend, if you know there is more to life than what you are currently living, come to First Steps To Success. Unlock that potential deep down inside of you and get MORE out of your life.