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Sharonna Nuest

Just two years ago, Sharonna Nuest's life was spiraling out of control around her. Today, everything in her life has been transformed.

If you think you have reached a “point of no-return,” this story will encourage you to think again! Just two years ago, Sharonna Nuest’s life was spiraling out of control around her.

“We were drowning in overwhelming debt. I was suicidal, self-harming, had an addiction to prescription pain meds and an addiction to pornography. My marriage was a disaster. I couldn’t get my children to listen or obey. Our home life was in constant chaos and there was never any peace or harmony. My relationship with God, my parents and my siblings was strained. I rarely saw or talked to my family.”

Sharonna grew up as “the good church girl.” She went to a very conservative Christian college, but she didn’t have a good relationship with her Father in Heaven.

“I saw God as a ‘big scary man in the sky.’ I always felt like he was waiting for me to mess up so he could kick me out. I felt like nothing I could do was ever good enough.”

That’s when Sharonna’s addiction to pornography began.

“I thought well if I can’t be the good girl, I can be the bad girl. It was like I was getting away with someone because no one would ever suspect me. I was looking at all kinds of different pornography several times a week, if not every day.”

The burden of Sharonna’s past got carried into her future, leading her to feel like there was no way out. Then Sharonna attended First Steps To Success, a live training seminar, in San Antonio, Texas. In those three days, everything changed.

“I immediately called my husband, I mean immediately like after the first session, and asked him to forgive me for not honoring him and trying to assume the role of leader in our home.”

Throughout the weekend, Sharonna began to heal from the trauma of her past.

“Dani had people stand in proxy asking forgiveness for my mom and dad who had neglected and abused me. The lady that stood in for my mother spoke things over me and asked me forgiveness for very specific things that only my mother and my Heavenly Father would know about.”

Sharonna realized that the trauma she experienced as a child, was a result of generational sins passed down through her family. After the event, she wrote a letter of forgiveness, hope and healing to her grandmother.

“That letter was shared in my family and used as an instrument of healing and forgiveness between 50+ years of hurt between my aunt and my grandmother, and also between many of the siblings and our mom. My grandmother passed away in peace- forgiven and a changed woman!”

The event sparked a flame of healing in Sharonna’s personal life. She is free from her addictions, no longer suicidal, has a great relationship with her parents and her siblings and has experienced an incredible transformation in her marriage.

“Our marriage is completely restored. We are working together instead of against each other. We have peace and harmony, where before it was striving and contention! I am now a wife who honors her husband. We are inseparable best friends, not roommates. We have regular date nights and getaways and things are HOT!”

Sharonna began honoring her husband’s role in their relationship. Instead of making all the decisions for their family herself, she is speaking words of encouragement over her husband. She is building him up and speaking life into their marriage. As a result, her husband applied for a job making double his income and landed it.

“Before the offer was made, the boss wanted to take us to dinner. I used the communication skills I learned at First Steps To Success and edified my husband. He was offered the job right on the spot!”

Their home life has undergone a transformation as well. Sharonna and her husband will soon be finalizing the adoption of three children. They are honoring and obedient and receive compliments everywhere they go. In fact, their church has asked them to teach a course on Grooming The Next Generation.

In the past 23 months, they have paid off $52,575.68 in debt. They have a Facebook group that has declared War On Debt and have helped members pay off $45,000 in the last 10 months. They have cut hundreds of dollars in excess spending each month and are on track to pay be debt-free except for the mortgage in 2018.

“We haven’t been too serious about paying off the debt until this point. It’s all been nonchalant, but 2018 is our year!

Their story has inspired many local friends, and they recently hosted their first local War On Debt class.

“We have a very clear vision for our future and the future generations to come. I am no longer depressed. I have hope. My relationship with God is so strong. I’m finding out His true nature and experiencing him as my father – a GOOD Father – the for very first time!”

First Steps To Success completely transformed Sharonna’s life. If you are wondering “could this be me,” don’t keep wondering. Join Sharonna and hundreds of others at the next First Steps To Success. Imagine what your life would look like one year from today if you did.