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Tony Gray

According to Tony Gray, he's always been the "underdog." Learn how he went from a tough childhood to keeping up with the Joneses to discovering true purpose and meaning in his life.

Tony Gray started out in life with all the odds stacked against him. His dad was a drug addict, his stepdad worked long hours, the family struggled to pay the bills and by eighth grade, Tony’s girlfriend had gotten pregnant and then lost the baby.

He went to college, and a millionaire who became his first mentor told him if he dropped out, he would be making more money by the time he turned 19 than any salary he would earn out of college.

Tony married his eighth-grade girlfriend, Mia, and became the operations manager for one of the largest corporations in the world making a ton of money. He bought a brand new house and remodeled the whole thing. He made sure his three daughters didn’t want for anything. On the outside, Tony Gray had everything most people strive for.

“I had the most outrageous job a man could hope for. I was struggling in my relationships at home, so I found peace at work,¬†even though I was working 75+ hours a week. I felt in control there.”

But, Tony’s eyes began to open, and he realized he was missing time with his kids. He had a contentious relationship with his wife. The big paycheck from his high-powered job wasn’t enough to support the family’s “keeping up with the Joneses” lifestyle, and they declared a second bankruptcy.

“I grew up in a prosperity church, so I didn’t learn what to do with money. I didn’t realize that money didn’t just come. You actually have to plan for it. Make money, mess up, file bankruptcy. I just thought that was normal.”

Tony realized he needed more out of life.

“I knew if I didn’t make changes, I wasn’t going to stay married. I didn’t know what was going to happen to my kids. I didn’t want to be like the other families at church who were putting on a facade and were actually desperately hurting.”

That’s when Tony heard a Dani Johnson spiritual equipping message, and decided to attend a First Steps To Success live training event.

“The event offered a different perspective. I had never heard a millionaire say ‘don’t buy the name-brand stuff.’ I had to re-evaluate what was important to me. At that time, stuff was important to me. I thought that’s what a father was supposed to provide for his kids. I grew up poor, so I had no vision beyond making sure my kids had a better life than I did.”

After the event, Tony began living more simply. He stopped living as a slave to “stuff,” and started living with vision, meaning and purpose. He and his wife sold a 4500 square foot home they didn’t need. They started paying down their debt and stopped spoiling their kids.

“I knew it was bad when all of a sudden there were five different gaming systems in the house. I didn’t want to share, so I couldn’t make them share, and then we had to buy all these games for all these different gaming systems. Yeah. Something had to change.”

Since first attending First Steps To Success, Tony and his wife have paid off a total of $660,000 worth of debt. Their marriage has been restored, and together they have assisted over 100 people to pay off over $3.5 million worth of debt. They’ve gone on mission trips for the past five years, and Tony has cut down his hours from 55-95 hours a week to 40 hours a week.

Today, Tony is working every day to change lives. He leads a team of people motivated by impacting 100 million lives by 2035. He knows that if he can get more out of life, anyone can get more out of life.

“I have a heart for the underdog. I’ve been the underdog my whole life, and I know that everyone needs a coach. Dani Johnson is that coach.”

Join Tony, and hundreds of other amazing individuals committed to having more out of life at a First Steps To Success live training event. Get registered for the next event right here.