October 31, 2011

4 Essential Keys to Mastering Any Skill

Uncover the 4 essential elements that will equip you to master any skill and increase your income and your value in the…

Imagine a child is learning to write his name. He sits down and picks up his pencil and begins to form his first letter. His hand is weak and shaky, but the pencil continues to scratch across the page until he completes his name. His hand gets stronger and his handwriting improves each time, until finally, he masters the skill of writing his name. We all go through the same process for any skill that we learn. Listen to this Monday Night Strategy Call as Dani reveals 4 essentials skills to mastering any skill!

In this Strategy Call, you will discover:

  • What it takes to increase your value and your income
  • The process that will help you master any skill
  • How to overcome the challenges of ego
  • How to avoid frustration when learning a new skill
  • How to get yourself on a path to success, starting now

First Steps to Success
First Steps to Success

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  1. Belinda Severs October 28, 2011

    Hi Dani, I have had your cd’s and book Spirit Driven since 2009, from seeing you on the Benni Hinn service on television, however hav never done anything because my husband got very ill both kidneys failed. ended up having end renal failure. Thank God for his goodness and Faithfullness Allan Kdneys have started working again, he is still on Dialyses, but on PD, We started Listening to the cds again, have in the mean time also become bankrupt. We are in a network and wish your assistance in building a succesful business. Thank you Belinda Severs

    • Anissa Bustos October 31, 2011

      Hi Belinda … I am sorry to hear about your husband yet thankful that his kidneys are doing better for the time. Sending prayers of healing to you now!! Dani’s resources are AMAZING and they are available for free 24 hrs a day … 7 days a week!! Just keep plugging into the free resources …. they will do wonders when you apply them to your life and your business!! Enjoy the call this evening!!

  2. Driss Mokhlis October 29, 2011

    Hello Dani,
    Actually, I watched you on You Tube, this is how I got to know you, and I really liked your attitude, and advice, I learned something through your tough life, which is resistence, challenge, and patience to learn skills and achieve goals. I found that you provide logic in your personal stories or examples, like ”the story of a child is learning to write his name”.
    You are inspiring woman as a leader. You are a strong and positive woman.
    I am a Canadian from Toronto, and wish you could send me a reply to my comment. I believe you care of people’s comments.
    All the best,
    Driss Mokhlis

    • Anissa Bustos October 31, 2011

      Hi Driss … welcome to the DJC Community!! Dani communicated with all of us via Facebook often!!! If you don’t have an account yet I would highly recommend you set up a Facebook account and then “like” Dani’s Facebook page!!! You are right she does care about communicating with us all and she tries her best to connect and get to know all of us! Looking forward to seeing you on FB! =)

  3. Betty Jo Geyer October 31, 2011

    Dani, I have been following you for years now……I am so excited that you are coming to D.C.
    I even got my husband to come! I hope to get my (5)…I want to be right up front! God Bless You Dani. I can’t wait to learn your principles, which are God’s principles in a fresh new way!
    See you in D.C. and I’ll be on tonight’s call as well!

  4. Susan M. November 1, 2011


    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom – I really appreciate it. I really needed to hear this and so do so many other people! I pray that you will always stay strong in the Lord and keep on teaching the TRUTH! God Bless you and your family.

  5. Tracy November 2, 2011

    Dani, I was listening to the training on line cause I wasn’t able to be on the actual call and it stopped working half way through the training. Is there any other way I can get this information?

  6. Heidi Passey November 2, 2011

    Hi Dani, I’m going to pick up Unlimited Success and some of your other recomendations. Is Unlimited Success one of your books or is it by another author? I just want to make sure I get the right copy. =) Thank you so much!

  7. Heidi Passey November 2, 2011

    Nevermind, I found it. 😉

  8. Stacie Walker November 2, 2011


    Thank you for this encouraging training call. You are so right, there is absolutely no excuse to NOT create the situations we desire in life. I learn something new every time I hear your assertive but kind voice.

    You are an inspiration to me!


    Stacie Walker – Business Consultant

  9. Kurt Steele November 3, 2011

    Amazing Training!! My wife and I will follow through!!

  10. Ann Campbell May 4, 2012

    the audio keeps stopping – you can’t get to hear it past a minute or so

  11. […] or closing or follow-up, or even the skill of running a marathon or learning a new language, these four keys are vitally important if you want to truly master […]

  12. Luseane Fakatou May 27, 2013

    hi Dani, you are an amazing woman chosen of God to portray who He is in you, teaching His principles.I have seen and listened to a lot of teachings and information online even Secret and Law of Attraction and listening to you shows that nothing comes close to God”s principles manifested in you. Actually all those positive information we know came from the Bible. Thank you for your boldness to be who you are!