Have you ever felt there was always something in the way that stopped you from achieving your tasks and goals? Many people around the world have too. They use excuses to keep from achieving what they thought would be easy in life. But only a few have decided to press on despite their troubles.

Nancy Shook is an exceptional example of someone who doesn’t take no for an answer. Being deaf, she could easily have decided that First Steps to Success was not for her. She could have easily decided the hassle of flying out to the event and finding a translator would waste her time. But that’s quite the opposite of what she did. In fact, she didn’t just attend the event, she called people from all over the world, and talked 12 others to join her in First Steps to Success in California. Nancy Shook is a trooper. She is someone everybody should look up too. Despite her lack of hearing, she inspired 12 people to join in aspiring after their dreams, and 11 of which were also deaf! What’s your excuse?

There are dozens more people like this who leave aside the excuses that could keep them from not attending First Steps. And in return, They come out with answers and solutions to problems they never thought they could accomplish. Don’t miss out on something that is the answer to your struggles, act now! What’s your excuse?

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