Thousands of people around the world scavenge for answers to their countless questions. Do they always get answered? And what happens when the answers aren’t what they were expecting? At that point, people tend to give up, throwing away everything they searched for. This mentality is why 98% of the population is dead or dead broke by the age of 65, dependent on their friends, family, and government to provide for their basic needs. Their voices encourage fear, blindness, and panic. They like to stay in their little box where it’s comfortable instead of venturing out where they will indeed find the answers they are looking for.

Then there is the 2%. They are the resistance, the people who are looking at what 98% of the world does and are doing the exact opposite. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s take a look at how being a 2 percenter has changed Roy Stevenson’s whole lifestyle.

Prior to plugging into First Steps to Success, Roy had been been consumed in a mediocre contracting job for years, struggling to make a sale. Debt was starting to take control of his life as well as his family. After attending First Steps, Roy’s closing ratio bumped up to 80%! The Stevenson family has been able to pay off over $50,000 worth of debt and make $300,000 in sales just last year! Their family relationships went from being unstable and broken to having a dedicated and honorable bond with each other.

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