The road to success is embarked upon by taking ONE first step. It could be success in relationships, finances, or starting your own business. And while there is a lot of indecision on timing or fear of failure, the pay offs can be greater than you’ve ever imagined. Many before you have taken the first step, and it’s okay to use notes from their journey to guide YOUR way. Watch the video below to learn of the journey that awaits!

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  1. Ceil November 2, 2012

    How do you (Dani) make your income other than getting fees for seminars? And how do you expect people that are “strapped” financially to pay for a seminar?

    • Karlene Thompson April 30, 2013

      Through the very thing she says….taking that 1st…one step (beg,borrow but never steal) and trust that God has gone before you making crooked places straight. Good luck…starting is just the begining of the incriedable journey that awaits, go in Faith and things will move into place…just get going!

  2. Caroline July 21, 2013

    Ceil, you may feel strapped, but you can change it. Take that first step, start learning for free. I made a lot of money from a $10 business and I only promoted the business using free advertising online. The business is still paying me today. My willingness to help those who come in to do the business made it worked. $10 is all it takes. Get going, you are more able than you think. residualincomeoppotunity dot ws is a powerful place to get started. Hope you see this.

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