March 5, 2013

Create A Positive Environment With This One Simple Tip

Today I want to tell you about something that will help you in business, in your career, in your family, and really every area of your life. Because here’s the […]

Today I want to tell you about something that will help you in business, in your career, in your family, and really every area of your life.

Because here’s the truth: Everyone likes to be encouraged and edified. Everyone likes to feel special and important. And when you bring this principle into your company or your home, you won’t believe the difference it makes!

What does it mean to edify someone? It means to build them up. To uplift and encourage them.

But it’s so much more than just saying nice things to someone. There is such a huge benefit, both for you and them. And it takes a certain level of leadership and maturity to recognize that benefit and to actually use this strategy in your circle of influence.

First of all, when you edify someone in your company, in your community, or in your family, you are building that person’s reputation. When you edify that person in public, you are positioning them as a leader, as someone others will follow. You are actually positioning other people’s perception of the person you’re edifying.

I want you to think about that for a minute. Imagine that you are a CEO, and you see Sue, the receptionist in your office, who is doing a really great job. She is on the front line – she is the first person your clients come in contact with, and she is quick and efficient, and she always honors your clients and does her best to fill their needs. So you decide to call Sue out and edify her in front of the other staff members in your office. You tell her what a great job she is doing, and that you really appreciate her dedication to helping the team. You tell your staff that Sue is a great example of the kind of leader you are looking for in this company.

What does that do for your employees? It causes them to see Sue as a leader in the company. It totally changes their perception of her. And who is she? She’s the receptionist! She is the voice of the company. And by edifying her, it causes the rest of the employees to want to be part of it.

What does it do for Sue, the receptionist? It gives her a reputation she wants to live up to! You just set her up as a leader in the company by encouraging the things you want to see more of. And guess what? She will continue to step into that role.

And what does it do for you? It positions you as a leader. It shows that you are someone who encourages and speaks highly of others. It creates a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the person you’re edifying.

When you cultivate an environment of encouragement and edification, people want to be there. When people work in a positive environment, they want to come to work, and they will work better and produce more results.

Have you ever seen a company where there is a lot of negativity, a lot of belittling, and a lot of gossip? It’s because the environment allows it. Edification changes the environment into a place where people are happy to be there. It creates a certain standard for that environment and gives people the proper frame of mind.

There’s no down side to edification. Seriously, who doesn’t want to create more harmony, more productivity, and more effective teamwork inside of your company or family?

A lot of people won’t edify others because they are so full of pride. But edification is not about building the other person’s ego. It’s about positioning. Even if you can’t stand the person… Even if they drive you crazy sometimes… Even if you could do a better job of it… Edify them! It’s not about you; it’s about positioning them and pulling the best out of them.

Whether you are the CEO of the company or you were hired yesterday; whether you own the company or you work in the mailroom, this is something you can start practicing today. Edify your boss, your co-workers, your clients, and your prospects.

And it’s not limited to work situations. Edify your family! Edify your spouse in front of your children. Edify your children in front of their siblings. Edify your kids’ teachers in front of your kids.

You will be amazed by the changes you will see in the people around you. You will not recognize your work environment after you start creating this kind of culture. I’m telling you, by creating an atmosphere of edification, you are setting yourself and your company or family up for outrageous success.

It’s no secret that our world is full of negativity. All you have to do is look around you. But we can do something to change that! Imagine if you lived in a culture of honor, encouragement, and edification. Imagine how great it would be if everyone around you used this very simple strategy to create better relationships, to build bigger profits, and to expand their influence. How awesome would that be?!

The first step to making that happen is to spread this message. Go ahead and send this to everyone you know, and share this post on Facebook and Twitter. Pass it around at work today, and even hand it out to your employees or co-workers.

And then please let me know your thoughts about today’s Daily Fix. I really love reading your comments every day. I love to hear how you’re using the information I’m sending you, and it helps me to know what else I can do to help you succeed in your work, finances, family, and life. So please, leave your comments here.

Have a great day, and we’ll talk again soon! God bless!


In great faith,


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P.S. Creating a positive environment starts with you. If you are serious about seeing all the benefits of the kind of environment we talked about today, then don’t wait. Start today!

First Steps to Success
First Steps to Success

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  1. Michael Beresford March 5, 2013

    Hi dani
    I’m loving these daily fixes! Please keep them coming. I agree that people’s pride is always in the way of being able to give others encouragement, I have worked and still am in a rather tense environment, where everyone hates there job and it was no fun. It wasn’t until our management decided to edifying the workers that it started to get better. Since first steps I have been doing this to, and it has a positive influence. I’m not management yet but I am learning loads about how to treat people at work, and will put this practise into my relationships to. It makes the person feel good and they feel good about what they are doing.
    Michael (Finland Wod group)

  2. Elena McCracken March 5, 2013

    I read this every morning in homeroom, and it starts off my day RIGHT. Thank you

  3. Jessica Santos March 5, 2013

    Dear Dani:

    I am so proud and happy to found you. This is the type of people that we need to fix our world. Meanwhile I continue learning, practicing and using your valuable lessons with my team. Thank you very much!
    Jessica Santos
    Puerto Rico

  4. Carolyn Stewart March 5, 2013

    Thanks for the encouragement, definitely have been trying to change my work environment…..this helps!

  5. Ted Heissner March 5, 2013

    Dani, the tips you pass along each and every day remind me of the kind of person I try to be each and every day. I do my very best to build up the people I meet all the time. That includes the sales girl at the local motorcycle shop to the cashier at the grocery store to the stock boy at the local bulk barn. If I can build people up and make them feel better for having reacted with me, I’ve done my job. If only I could translate this into additional income, my life would be better. However, I believe in karma, I just wish it would come around some time soon.

  6. Shanta March 5, 2013

    Dani, this is so true. The whole world needs to view this. We definitely need to encourage each other, including leaders in our community and entire country. Keep sending your daily tips. My husband and I are always mentioning something you may have said. Your daily tips are definitely making us view our personal, family, and career life from a different perspective.

    Thanks Dani

  7. Dorothy Cruise March 5, 2013

    At First Steps to Success I observed you and your team using this ‘edification’ tip. I was a little shocked by it all because it is so foreign to not only our society but to my own life experience as well. However, I believe in it because it is based on love and honor. Thanks for making a difference in my life and those I touch by teaching me how to do this.

  8. Roger D. Johnson March 5, 2013

    Thanks for the daily fix. I get to read them since I’m cannot do much but rest because of my stroke. keep the wonderful work you are doing.

  9. triy March 5, 2013

    what a powerful reminded to let the people in our lives know how we feel. daylight saving time is this sunday, lets take that hour to tell someone u appreciate them or say something nice,
    i usually dont post messages from my business but, this is my way of saying i appreciate u fb friends

  10. Ivette March 5, 2013

    Thank you so much for this amazing article, I really need to read something like this for a wake up calling. Im always work in a very ackward environment full of gossips, critics, arguins and all kind of stuffs, in a while I though if I get rid of those environments would be ok.. but then I noticed that those environments you cant get rid, are everywhere! is like a plague! Now I realize for first time in my life what I have to do isnt about to get rid, is about to edificate others persons than maybe are just full of worries, or want to get rid of those environments too and dosnt know how, is like a curse chain, and one link of that chain have to broke the circle and give that chain a new form and certainly I will be that link from now and always thanks to you! Im so happy to found you. God bless you!

  11. Lucinda Coblentz March 6, 2013

    Hi Dani, I just want to again thank you for taking time to write to us. It really means a lot and I personally have been so encouraged by the Daily Fix. This article in particular really strikes a cord with me because of the affect it is having in my life. I used to criticize my husband with my actions and my words for not being a strong leader and for not providing for our home. I knew he so badly wanted to and sometimes I would encouraged him but then would always go back to discouraging him. I discouraged him and tore him down by constantly showing him how disappointed I was about where we were at and how we weren’t moving forward. Since I started to edify him and treat him like the strong man that he is things are drastically different! I see that he is starting to believe in himself and as a result he is taking risks again and feeling like he can achieve what he sets out to do. I am amazed at how powerful this one simple tip is! Thank you again and I will certainly be sharing this.