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Don’t Be Another Amateur Horror Story!

There is a secret to successful sales that most people don’t know. It’s something that I learned a long time ago, and it has helped me not only in business, […]

There is a secret to successful sales that most people don’t know. It’s something that I learned a long time ago, and it has helped me not only in business, but in every area of my life. In my years of training people in business and career development, I have seen a lot of people grasp this concept and it has really propelled them forward towards success.

First, you have to realize that everyone is in sales. That goes for doctors, teachers, musicians, mechanics, job-seekers, employees, receptionists, housekeepers, and parents. That goes for YOU! Even if you’re not an entrepreneur or in a "sales position", you are in sales!

You are selling something every minute of every day, whether you realize it or not. You are constantly selling to your kids, your spouse, your boss, your colleagues, your employees, and your customers. Every time you open your mouth, every time you post on Facebook, every time you speak to your kids, every time you walk into your office, people are deciding whether or not they will listen to you, follow you, and do business with you.

Do you see how that works? A parent sells their kids on cleaning their rooms or eating their vegetables. You may sell your spouse on going on your dream vacation or changing your family’s budget. In a job interview, you are selling yourself to the employer. And if you are in business, you’d better be selling!

The problem is, most people don’t realize they are in sales. That’s why so many people suck at it!

If you want to get paid like a professional, you must become a professional. Anybody can be an amateur salesperson – you know, the slimy used car salesman, or the person who keeps trying to sell you lipstick or lotions or potions or gadgets. But nobody wants to work with those people or listen to what they have to say. Being an amateur is a major turn-off!

Anybody COULD be a professional in sales. But 98% of the population won’t step up and get the skills they need in order to do that. It takes skill to become a professional and increase your value.

There are some very simple and specific characteristics of a professional. Again, this goes for your business, career, home, family, and community! (Keep in mind, this is a partial list – this is, by NO means, a complete list.)

A professional:

  • Knows the value of relationships. It’s not just about you making a sale or closing a deal – it’s about creating mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Always works with excellence and diligence.
  • Is not afraid of problems and does not wait for someone else to solve problems for them.
  • Lives in a results-oriented economy. They do not think in terms of being paid hourly…they get paid for results.
  • Goes the extra mile.
  • Has honor and integrity.
  • Is a big-picture thinker and is self-motivated.
  • Is not afraid to get their hands dirty.
  • Is constantly looking for opportunities to fill a need.
  • Is always seeking solutions.
  • Knows the importance of following up & following through.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your level of sales skills in business? At work? At home? With your kids? In your marriage? I would really encourage you to think about this today. The truth is, we can all improve in this area.

My friend, do not become another amateur horror story! Do not be one of those sales people who is chasing people down with your slimy sales pitch and your brochure of "101 Reasons You Need To Buy XYZ". Do not be one of those who is constantly trying to push your agenda or shove your product, service, or ideas down other people’s throats. We’ve all known those people, and let’s be honest – we all avoid them like the plague!

If you want to master sales and become a true professional in your field, whether that is business, teaching, being a doctor or mechanic, parenting, or anything in between, you must master the skills. Like I said, this skill has proven to be extremely valuable in every area of my life, and many of my clients’ lives as well. So I would highly recommend taking the time to learn the skills that will push you beyond amateur status and into a professional level.

I believe in you! I know that you are fully capable of crossing over from amateur to professional. And I can’t wait to watch you succeed!

Would you mind doing me a favor today? Would you just send this message to your friends, family, co-workers, and business partners today? I know you are probably a really good, professional salesperson. But let’s face it – there are a LOT of people you and I know who really need to read this letter today. So just go ahead and forward this message, and then post the link on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s get the message out there!

Remember, we have a new schedule for the summer, so we will NOT be together for the Wednesday edition of The Dani Johnson Show or the Spiritual Equipping Broadcast tomorrow. Check out the archives, and then join me Sunday night for our nationally syndicated radio show!


In great faith,


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