October 1, 2013

Don’t Delay Success Waiting On Your Dream

How does a person become a successful entrepreneur? A lot of people think, "If I can find the right business, THEN I will be successful." But that is such a […]


How does a person become a successful entrepreneur?

A lot of people think, "If I can find the right business, THEN I will be successful." But that is such a LIE! You can start simply with a desire to do something different, to be different from the examples around you.

There is a philosophy out there telling you to follow your passion, and you will "find" success. But the truth is, you don’t have to love what you do. But you do have to start where you are.

For example, I have a client/friend who is a single mother of 3 and had a desire to have her own business when I met her. Dina now owns a business transporting cars people buy online. Her company has been the second most successful transportation business in the country for 8 years straight.

Does she love moving cars? No. Is that what she’s passionate about? No. But she has found ways to make it more fulfilling. Dina has applied the skills she learned at our training seminars starting in 1996, and she continues to do a great job of getting to know her clients, disarming the ticked-off customers and providing excellent service. She went from making $15/hour when I first met her to a six-figure income.

Do something that makes a profit. Or find someone else’s profitable idea and do that. You don’t have to love it or be passionate about it. But if you start where you are, with what you have, and you work diligently and are faithful with what you currently have, you will succeed.

I have another client who has done something very similar. Housekeepers are a dime a dozen. But one woman found a way to make her service different from every other service out there. She tells her customers, "Your gutters need to be cleaned out? We’ll take care of that. Your garage needs to be organized? We’ll do it. You need your clothes taken to the cleaners? We’ve got it covered." Whatever the customer needs, she and her employees take care of it. They even cook dinner for some clients. Her business has been very successful for 12 years now.

These two women did not try to find a business they were passionate about. They didn’t wait until the right opportunity fell into their laps. And now they have long-standing, successful businesses. Why? Because they found a business they could profit from and they went to work! It has certainly paid off for them.

If you are like so many others who have fallen into the trap of "looking for your passion" in order to find success — STOP! Follow the two examples I’ve given you today. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is, how educated you are, where you live, what your passion is or what you want to do. Stop searching for your passion and work diligently with the opportunity in front of you, and you will succeed.

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