January 21, 2013

Don’t Let The Economy Control Your Finances

Today, I’m back in the states and while I experienced a gorgeous learning adventure in Israel that I am so grateful for, it is great to be home. I’m excited […]


Today, I’m back in the states and while I experienced a gorgeous learning adventure in Israel that I am so grateful for, it is great to be home. I’m excited to spend time talking to you guys. Now that 2013 is here and you have (hopefully) made your goals, let’s make sure you excel. There should be nothing holding you back. Most importantly in the area of personal finances!

Everywhere you look there are people struggling financially. And their excuse? The economy! It’s the reason you can’t get a job, or the reason you are in debt. If you believe that a better economic state will solve all of your financial problems, you are living in a dream world! Let’s face it, the economy didn’t force you to go into debt. It didn’t force you to buy a big house and live outside of your means.

I’m not sure about you, but I chose NOT to let the economy define me or my finances. If you haven’t become a part of our community already, please join us on Facebook and I promise you will meet thousands of people who share this same belief – and thriving because of it! Because they aren’t sitting around just "waiting for a better economy."

Can a declining economy make it more difficult for you finances? Only if you keep doing what you are doing! Look around, there are companies that are still growing and booming, even now. People are still paying off debt and landing their dream jobs. So what do they have that you don’t?

Hello, MINDSET! It’s because they didn’t sit around, cross their fingers, and hope the economy doesn’t affect them! They got out there, increased their skill sets to place them apart from the masses. You have to raise your standard and master new skills to get equipped for ANY economy.

Let me make it even simpler for you. If you do the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll get the same thing you’ve always gotten. If you aren’t experiencing growth in your business or career, even if it is stable now, you won’t be able to handle the next economic curve.

You need to push ahead and take your skill set to the next level. What’s the difference between a general MD and a brain surgeon? The brain surgeon increased their skill level. If you keep investing in yourself and mastering your skills, your value in the marketplace will be worth more (literally).

TIP: There are three specific skills that if you master will help in any business or job setting. That is increasing your professional skills, your people skills, and your personal development skills(aka leadership). For more you can check out a strategy call focused on mastering these skills.

2013 might just be the year for you to create your own personal economy. My desire for all of you is to be financially independent. I don’t want poverty or debt to burden your lives. Nothing can replace the feeling of financial freedom – feeling like you owe nothing to nobody and can do with your money what you please!

If you learned something new from this message, feel free to share it or leave me your thoughts and comments below.

And until next time, God bless!


In great faith,


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