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Do You Have “Customers” Or “Clients”?

A customer is an impersonal consumer who exchanges money for your product or service...with no hint of a relationship. Walmart has customers. YOU have clients! Clients deserve a personally unique experience!

Today, I’m handing you a secret weapon to totally set you apart from the masses. It’s so simple, and will change how you do business, massively increase your client base and create loyal clients who keep coming back – and referring you to their friends. More than that, it will completely change your mindset. The best part? You can literally start doing this TODAY, to ignite your profit “explosion!”

Point blank question: Do you thank your clients and show them appreciation? Honestly, your clients have a CHOICE in who they do business with! They could’ve chosen to do business with your competitor, but they chose YOU. Unfortunately, a lot of times we barely even THANK them for that choice! It’s time to change that!

If you notice, I didn’t use the word customer. Think about it… what IS a customer? They’re an impersonal consumer who anonymously exchanges money for your product or service. There is absolutely no hint of a relationship there.

Walmart has customers. Before the customer even completes a transaction, the checker or sales representative is already looking for the next faceless cart in line.

YOU have clients! Clients deserve a one-to-one, uniquely personal experience. And this means nurturing!

If you really want to go the extra mile, try something I’ve used in my business forever: writing actual thank you cards! Taking the extra time to personally thank someone for their time, business and loyalty, cultivates a meaningful exchange that sets you apart from everyone else.

Do you see how this could change your business? When you show appreciation, it not only builds your confidence, but it builds your clients’ confidence in YOU, as well. It builds a personal bridge that makes them feel special, appreciated and wanted… something every person wants!

Imagine you have an “investment account,” or piggy bank for confidence. You need confidence every day – in your job, relationships, business – in everything you do. If you are making one withdrawal after another from that account and not putting anything back in, you will end up bone dry… overdrawn on confidence!

But, showing appreciation and spreading encouragement actually FILLS that account! Point out specifically what you appreciate, enjoy or admire about your client. Don’t just say, “Thanks for coming in.” That is what a discount “stop-n-shop” checker mumbles to their customers – without even making eye contact!

When you honor, respect and appreciate your clients, they actually WANT to do business with you. They want to refer their friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, everybody to you! This is one tool you should be using right now.

And that pesky term, “customer”? Throw it out of your vocabulary – NOW! You are not Walmart! After you do that, take a moment and think about who you owe a thank you note. Now, DO IT!

And, on that note… THANK YOU! I can’t tell you enough how this community encourages me, blesses me and blows me away. You are not only an inspiration, but your conviction to get out of debt and care for the sick, widowed and orphans makes you a role model for today’s generations. Thank you for being one who is out to make the world a better place. I appreciate you and your constant flow of comments… so please let me know your thoughts on today’s message below!

And, don’t forget to join me for The Dani Johnson Show today for more insights and inspiration. You can find the show on your TV and radio and please remember you can always stream today’s show right here on our website.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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