July 9, 2013

Down For The Count? Keep On Fighting!

I spoke with a young man named Jeff this past Sunday night on our radio show. I have to share our conversation with you because it revealed a very common […]


I spoke with a young man named Jeff this past Sunday night on our radio show. I have to share our conversation with you because it revealed a very common mindset in today’s job market.

Jeff called in and said, "Dani, I’ve been an employer for 3 years, and having a hard time finding the right people to hire. I’ve had a lot of employees come and go. I had one employee who I thought would be with me for life, but he just up and left. There’s huge opportunity here and plenty of money to be made, but it seems like my employees just want to clock in and clock out, without really working. I know you run 5 successful companies, and I want to get my business to the same level. What do I do?"

I completely understand Jeff’s frustration. I have been there and know how stressful this situation can be. I also know the other side of it — the satisfaction and pure joy and harmony that comes when a team works together like a well-oiled machine.

I told Jeff, "First of all THANK YOU for providing jobs in today’s economy!! You are awesome for doing something that our own governemtn can’t quite figure out. I am proud of you. Second, congratulations! You lost your first great employee. Welcome to the engrepreneurial game. You’re on the right track and I am confident you will be able to learn how to build long term relationships with your employees."

See, life as an entrepreneur is a lot like life as a boxer. When you’re in the ring, sometimes an uppercut or hook knocks you flat on your back. Sometimes you get the wind knocked out of you and even lose a few teeth. But you know if you can just hang on ’til the end of that round, you’ll have a chance to recover, then get back out there and give it your best shot again.

In business, sometimes you have major disappointments. A deal falls through, a trusted employee leaves for another opportunity, a competitor steals your clients. Obstacles and setbacks are part of business. However, when you get back out there and consistently give it your best shot, you WILL succeed.

I could hear the frustration in Jeff’s voice, so I told him, "I have had a lot of very loyal people stick with me through the years. My assistant, Jenn, for instance, has been with me for 22 years. But Jeff, you’re just now getting started on this journey. You are just learning how to build those kinds of long-term business relationships."

I will tell you the same thing I told him — finding good employees is NOT a lottery game; it’s a relationship game. Finding (and keeping) good employees depends on your leadership, mentoring and people skills.

When you experience setbacks in your business and get knocked flat on your back, do not stay there! Do not give up on a successful business idea because of hardships and disappointments. Get up, get equipped and give it your best shot!

Take the time today to share this message with every employer and manager you know, because the issues Jeff is experiencing in his business are something every business owner faces. So pass this along via email or social media!

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In great faith,


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