June 20, 2013

How NOT To Look Like An Idiot

I am so excited to tell you this story today, because I know you’re going to get something really good out of it. You may have heard about our 15-year-old […]

I am so excited to tell you this story today, because I know you’re going to get something really good out of it. You may have heard about our 15-year-old son, Roman, who recently bought his first house as an investment property. But before you jump to any conclusion about this, read all the way to the end of this letter.

The week Roman bought the house, I posted a picture on Facebook of our family in front of the house. There were a lot of comments, and it was really easy to tell who knew Roman and our family, and who didn’t. We could tell the people who have been around for awhile and know our mindsets and what we believe about money. They know that we don’t spend a lot of money, and we live a very modest, very simple lifestyle.

Our kids have not been given a free ride. They have all worked since they were 12 years old. They have had to earn their own way. I buy them 2 pairs of shoes a year, and they each have 3 pairs of jeans. If they want more than that, they have to buy it themselves. They have not, by any means, had things handed to them in life.

So what was really interesting were the assumptions that were made about Roman. For example, one guy commented and said, “Dani, you are such a fake! You are lying your butt off! There’s no way! How in the world did a 15-year-old make hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a house?!” Or others who said, “You’re not being honest! It’s impossible for a minor to enter into a contract like that!”

First of all, this house was not hundreds of thousands of dollars. People were assuming they knew the whole story. They assumed they knew all the different ways to put together a real estate deal. They assumed they knew the price of the home. People made all kinds of assumptions about our parenting, that somehow Roman had not worked a day in his life, and that we had given him everything on a silver platter.

You probably already know this, but I have to tell you. Assumptions do nothing but make people look stupid! They make people look ignorant, and they are always rooted in judgment.

And can you guess what also showed through people’s comments about Roman buying a house? Jealousy. Think about it — a 15-year-old stepped up and bought a house. He did something a lot of people will never do. Don’t you think it would be better to encourage him? Don’t you think it would be more beneficial to say, “Good job, Roman! You are an investor instead of just a spender.”? But no! People let their jealousy and insecurity influence their assumptions, saying, “That’s impossible! A 15-year-old can’t buy a house!”

I want to pass this on to you because it really caused me to stop and think about some things. I didn’t react to the comments, even though some of the comments were all-out attacks on my family. It’s just so sad that this is where our country is today. It’s sad that people are so cynical that they can’t celebrate this 15-year-old who set a goal and achieved it, and is setting such an awesome example for kids and adults around the world. Hello, they could have asked questions so they could help their own kids do what Roman did. But instead, they made assumptions!

When someone makes an assumption, they really make themselves look like an idiot, and they make other people look bad as well. Assumptions destroy trust and they close your mind.

So do yourself a favor. Before you assume anything, think and ask questions! Do not be cynical and critical and assume you know the full story based on one little glimpse. That does not make you more valuable in the marketplace. What does make you more valuable is asking questions and giving people the benefit of the doubt. You can learn a lot from other people when you stop making assumptions about them.

Think about this today: Are there things you assume about your boss or co-workers or employees? Do you assume things about your spouse and kids? Do you assume things about your friends or people in your community? If you think someone else is an idiot, there’s a pretty good chance you have made some kind of assumption about that person. If you make judgments against another person, it has likely led you to make assumptions about them. It’s time to look in the mirror and put a stop to all the assumptions. Choose to rise to a higher level of leadership and become someone who pursues the truth instead of makes assumptions.

There are so many assumptions flying around out there. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone around you could take responsibility and have the maturity to not make assumptions about other people? My friend, it starts with you. All you have to do is forward this letter, post this link on Facebook and Twitter, or even print this out and pass it around at work. This truly could catapult you, your family, and your team into a whole new level of success.

I hope this has helped you today. I would really love to know your thoughts about today’s Daily Fix. Please leave me your comments below!

I can’t wait to talk to you this Sunday night for our nationally syndicated radio show at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT!


In great faith,


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First Steps to Success

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  1. Linda O'Rourke June 20, 2013

    Wow Dani I think it is awesome that your 15 old is able to purchase a property I wish my parenting skills had been that good with my children.

  2. Melvin June 20, 2013


    This article reminded me of the acronym for ASSUME. Assume does nothing but make an ASS out of U and ME.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. judy Kristl June 20, 2013

    Please tell us/me how a 15 year old (congratulations, by the way) can enter into a contract. I do not assume anything. I’ve just been told that it’s not legal. Please educate me.

    • Andrew M June 22, 2013

      There are a lot of ways to do things… legally… that are very contrary to the way the mass public do things. The house could be purchased “in trust” (a legal term) until he he’s 18. Whether or not he’s 18, he could still be on title. The financial obligations (if a mortgage or loan was required) might require a cosigner…

      But rather than say it’s not legal ask, how can this be done legally. He could have even more simply had a business that he purchased it through.

      Roman… Dude, that’s awesome.
      I guess people don’t realize just how wise your parents are and the kinds of mentors they surround themselves with.

      I want to be a parent and investor of such wisdom… if you do too, I highly recommend you go to First Steps and Creating a Dynasty where nothing is hidden from you.

  4. Marta Soto June 20, 2013

    Dani, you said the correct word JEALOUSY …I would love to know how Roman did it! WOW! it would be awesome if my son could do that. All the best to you and your family…I know it is hard being in the public eye,you get bombarded everyday from many but if it serves of any help, my Cuban people have a saying “me resbala” …LET IT SLIDE. Keep on inspiring and guiding. Sonrie,Smile and go make it a great day!

  5. Cheryle June 20, 2013

    Thank you, for your inspiration. my battles for the truth to come out in court have been exausting. Having no money I have been representing myself. The free advice I got from a lawyer was to argue on a technicality that would be more financially rewarding. I thanked him for his advice that would question my integrety and go against everything I’ve taught my children. While in the end it might not be financially rewarding, I will continue to fight for the disclosure of the truth, as I endevour to peel back the layers of corporate and legal corruption.

    • Ifeoma Mkparu June 20, 2013

      Hello Cheryle,
      How do you do, just want to encourage you to hold on to the truth, for God see to it that truth is maintained by disproving every lie. (Proverbs Good news verson)
      I had similar experience of a covenant litigation that lasted 4 years, 2 years of it in the High Court on legal technicality. Trusting God all the way, holding onto the truth no matter what, just before the ending, God sent me capable helpers in the last two years and resourced to win in a landslide manner with my case now an English case law, setting precedence.
      God is on the side of the oppressed and I pray that he will cause for you to meet proficient/knowledgeable helper to accomplish victory of truth.
      The truth will never fail.

  6. Xenia Wasao June 20, 2013

    Thank you for the daily fix! I am 100% on board with choosing a lifestyle of seeking truth, rather than making assumptions. Assumptions are not healthy and always have a negative result. Being african and living in a predominantly white society, I can totally relate to people just making assumptions that are not accurate and that cut deeply. This was such a refreshing word to me today!

  7. Jo June 20, 2013

    Excellent post, Dani. I have struggled with being judgmental, and you are correct, assumptions just make people (me!) look like an idiot. :)

    I’m sorry that people gave your family so much grief Congrats to Roman on his new house! He is blessed to have wise parents guiding him. :)

  8. Daryl Fletcher June 20, 2013

    Outstanding, I’ve been preaching celebrating others success to my classes at school this year! I would love to have him speak to my classes about the whole process. What a great attribute to the children of this nation who are really buying into what the founding of our society really means, we should be reading about Roman and other children that have done this kind of work in the media.

  9. Carolyn Curry June 20, 2013

    I look at your emails daily and say this does not apply to me. I am 70 years old and I want to retire but can’t because of not enough income. I am too old to think of a career and advancement there. Companies do not hire old people except Walmart as greeters. We own an insurance agency that was almost put out of business by a francise we were a part of. We have struggled for 4 years to build it back up but not doing well. We can’t afford to hire agents so my 73 year old husband and I are trying to build it up. We have drawn very little salary during this time, 4 or 5 thousand a year at the most. I would like to work from home if I could come up with a business.

    I have been watching, hoping to see something that would help me. I have your beginning book but I am afraid I have not completed it. I have had it for a couple of years.

    • Lydia Baldwin June 20, 2013

      Hi Dani im really inspired reading your daily fix. I have 2 kids the girl is a great spender but the boy the doesn’t want to spend his money we encourage our daughter to save but don’t listen. is there anything you can suggest to solve this concern? thank you and GOD BLESS

  10. Britney Warwick June 20, 2013

    Wow! I think that’s an amazing accomplishment! As I think about this story I realize that it’s breaking paradigms in mind that have been “engrained” by the sad poverty mindset from influences in my life growing up. Also this is bringing up an assumption I made just this week. What you say here about assumption is stemmed out of judgment is so true, now it’s time for me to repent and move forward in seeking TRUTH! Thank you for being real, honest and straight forward!

  11. Ann Hammock June 20, 2013

    Thank you, Dani!!!!! Such a truth … sad but true! Few people celebrate other’s success. Your Roman is to be celebrated!! Congrats to you all on all of your success! Keeping telling the truth!

  12. Faith E. Gaskin June 20, 2013

    First to focus on the positive. I truly had to look at myself and my assuming, and your so right we so often assume the negative instead of the positive. I positively needed this Daily Fix. The negative- what a shame that instead of celebrating your son and his ingenuity that people went on the attack of you and your family. Way to go Roman!

  13. Yvonne June 20, 2013

    Thank you Dani for posting this story. It really convicted me that I have made assumptions about my 26 year old daughter who has made some big mistakes lately and I’ve been jumping to conclusions about her. I need to keep loving her and praying for her, not assuming things about her. And trust God that even though I don’t know all the details of her life or understand, He knows and understands. Thank you, Dani. I’m so proud of Roman. Such an awesome leader!

  14. Garvin Jones June 20, 2013

    Hi Dani, that is great that your son is able to purchase his first home at a young age. My nephew purchased his first piece of property in Hawaii at the age of 17. I think that cudos to you for doing such a great job of teaching your children that life is not free and that you don’t get to collect 200 for just passing GO. I am stillworking on getting the money together so that I can come see you in L A in July.
    Love in Christ Jesus,

  15. Ifeoma Mkparu June 20, 2013

    Hello Dani,
    Please send my congratulations to Roman and wish him success in acquiring more investment properties as he desires.

    I have known since 2006 that Assumption is a SIN with capital letters, it is mostly the root of all relationship breakdown, be it at work, business, home, amongst siblings, parents, the list goes on. It is the originator of envy, disbelief, cynicism, which can be unhealthy and unsafe for humanity.

    Assumptions were made about our Lord Jesus all the time, as rightfully indicated, people making assumption will purposely retain mind-set that continues to miss out on factual information essential for accomplishment and wisdom to make wealth or progress in life.

    Assumption is an enemy of truth, a stronghold that has to be deliberately and wilfully cast down all the time, from the mind.

    Assumption is a negative weapon used to hold people and others back, like all the other battles of life we have to fight, this frontline enemy ‘Assumptions’ must be conquered for significant progression to be made in the journey of life.

    Well, To Roman once again, You’re a good inspiration to your generation, doing the UNCOMMON is what it takes to be the 2% as we learn from Dani Johnson training events, ……KEEP IT UP………
    Kind regards
    Ifeoma(London UK)

  16. Leonardo Gulmatico June 20, 2013

    This is very great Dani, and this is awesome a 15 year old boy is able to invest a property.
    Otherwise, what really make sense to me is that, what Roman did to generate his own income
    and save his money to buy the house. Anyway, good job Roman:-) and for you Dani God will
    bless you and your family.

  17. Maxine June 20, 2013

    Cool! I am delighted to hear about the house Roman purchased.
    Congratulations on reaching this goal young man.We met you at
    a seminar last August and are impressed at the humility and integrity
    you have already.All things are possible with a plan,hard work and
    determination.I look forward to seeing this duplicated with others.
    Bless you all!!

  18. Janine Bauschka June 20, 2013

    Dani, I know you are a blessing from God. The examples you set for your family are exactly what our society needs. I appreciate your generosity in sharing your knowledge. God bless you and your family.

  19. Randy Middleton June 21, 2013

    I really appreciate you and your comments/writings and philosophy. Always positive. Just want to share the view from which I have, for the last few years, tried to operate. Thinks this way: I never have a bad day, its just that some days are better than others. You can apply this way of thinking to almost everything, i.e. I like all people, I just like some more than others; or, all ladies are beautiful, but there are some more beautiful than others, etc., etc.I’m not being nieve (misspelled) but this shades the way one looks at life. Just thought you would enjoy that little saying—thanks – Randy

  20. William Gingerich June 22, 2013

    I really appreciate the programs you have going and I cans see your children benefit from the training you have given them in a BIG way. It is very powerful to see the results of the years of training you gave them. My friends and I have learned a lot from you, Thank you so much! One thing I noticed in the post about Roman buying the house was a word that kept popping up: assuming. Did you realize what you spell when you write the word? (Ass u me) it has been a powerful reminder to me to not assume things cause when I do: I put an ass in front of u and me. Some folks would say: make an ass out of u and me. Just a thought. God Bless your whole family as you seek Him!

  21. Linda Diemert June 22, 2013

    I think it is fantastic that your son bought a house. Good parenting paid off. The complainers must be 98%ers. They don’t ask how can I do the same? They yell it can’t be done. People like that aren’t important. Your friends know the truth and they are the only ones who matter. You are such a giving person. You are always helping people. Thanks for your time. Linda Diemert

  22. Wilson Heacock June 25, 2013

    Congratulations Roman…!

  23. Loretta keiller July 9, 2013

    Really Great! I’m encouraged! Way to go Roman!!!

  24. John Mogoa December 22, 2013

    I had assumed much in my life now i realize it is a sin or a wall to my success,Thank you Dani for this eye opener.

  25. Sue January 28, 2014

    Yay Roman! I want my kids to do that too! God bless

  26. Bitrus Diffa February 12, 2014

    Congratulations Roman. What you’ve made a rare accomplishment. But what do you need the house for now? At age 16, you’d get your driver’s license. What kind of car would you like to drive?